Region A day East of Tritower
Size Village
Population 196
Demographics Human, half-elf, elf
Government Council
Alignment Neutral Good
Leader Lord Tariel Lidarran

Whiteoak is a small village at the edge of a wood that produces fur and lumber for Tritower. It is reknowned locally for it's well kept flagstone streets, thier leatherwork and the best Chicken Pot Pie this side of the Tang River.

The village has two small plazas, the first one is outside the Council's building and the second larger one is used for festivals and gatherings.

A small river borns in a nearby hill to the south and crosses part of the village. Most of the farmland is situated in the western side of the river, while on the eastern side there's a wood know locally as The Whitehare Forest.

On the northern border, there's also a lagoon with a waterfall.


Most people at Whiteoak are friendly to visitors but sometimes they stay away of loud or fancy cityfolk, considering them extravagant and lacking of manners. After constant trouble with goblinoid clans the villagers certainly do not welcome their kind in their lands. Gossip is maybe the favorite hobby of locals.

The town boasts 1 carpenter, 2 barbers (with a feud), 1 lawyer, 3 furriers, 1 master mason, 2 noble's vacation house, 5 shoemakers, 3 tailors, 2 taverns, 3 Woodcarvers and 4 tanners.

Local MapEdit


Locations of noteEdit

  • The Silver Fox Inn - This one is the biggest Inn in the village and its owner is a wealthy merchant from Tritower. The accommodations are good and every day or so there's music. It is a more "friendly" place than the Old Cart Tavern. There's a half-orc, Mel, working in the kitchen that doubles as guard and kicks people out if they start trouble.
The Silver Fox Inn(1st floor)

The Silver Fox Inn(2nd floor)

The Old Cart Tavern
  • The Old Cart Tavern - Easily identified for the abandoned cart left just by the entrance. Decades ago, a merchant came to town looking to trade, took a walk in the forest and was never heard of again. No one touched the man's cart and since then the tavern took its name from it. Offers common accommodations and cheap beer. Usually attracts an older (and drunker) crowd.

People of noteEdit

  • The Beiryn Family - Hunters and trappers: Eold Beiryn, his wife Elissa Beiryn and 8 daughters (Mariel, 16 years old, married; Janine, 14 years old; Lucca, 13 years old; Aelia/Milia, 11 years old; Saranis, 9 years old, and Galandra and Damaris on adventure).
  • Lord Tariel Lidarran (male Human) - Council head nobleman
  • Osbert Middleton (male Half-elf) - Owner of the Silver Fox Inn
  • Mel (Female Half-Orc) - The Silver Fox Inn cook/guard
  • Lewis Elyot (male Human) - Owner of the Old Cart Tavern

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