Warden's Watch
Region Northern Tal Hallow
Demographics Primarily Gnomes, Dwarves
Alignment Chaotic Good

Warden's Watch sits in northern Tal Hallow. It is home to the largest Wardens training center, the Wardens being the protectors and peacekeepers of Tal Hallow. It sits atop the limestone cliffs bordering the nation, adjacent to the Starwater River.

Evidence of gnomish ingenuity and craftsmanship can be seen throughout the city. A massive set of stairs carved into the cliffside provides passage between the city above and the river below. The city also possesses a large, mechanically complex lift to ferry goods from the docks up to the city. In addition to these large-scale demonstrations, there are numerous smaller ones as well: for instance, a simple arcane mark displays whether the public lavatories are occupied or vacant.


Warden's Training Center

The Herring and Toad: A tavern with apparently poor food.

The Anvil: An inn and tavern run by Ferick Stonehelm, a Seithrian dwarf relocated to Warden's Watch. The establishment specializes in dwarven ales.

Gohred's Stables: Gohred Stonehelm, Ferick's brother, runs the most successful set of stables in Warden's Watch.

Merchant's Corridor: Situated on the western side of the city, Merchant's Corridor is Warden's Watch's commercial district.

Notable Citizens:

Ferick Stonehelm: Proprietor of The Anvil.
Gohred Stonehelm: Owner of Gohred's Stables.


Ties that Bind: Beginning Here

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