Varga Renlow
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Female
Homeland Copperhead, Seithr Mountains
Organization Franco Specialty Goods

NPC usage: Open to GMs

This kind of crap is why I left Copperhead..."

Varga Renlow is a tough, no-nonsense dockworker, currently in the employ of Geralt Franco. She's uncommonly tall for a dwarf, and is known to wield a mean gaff-hook.

Varga Renlow hails from Copperhead and is the sister of barge captain Phineas Renlow, both of whom found life in the mountains not to their liking, especially not under the watchful eye of their traditionalist grandfather, Morgrimm Renlow. However, Varga still wears a simple wolf fur around her shoulders, as members of her clan often do.

First appearance: Helping her employer to recover stolen property in Toad in the Hole.

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