Umberto Gabbiano
Umberto Gabbiano
Titles Head of House Gabbiano
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization House Gabbiano

NPC usage: Open to GMs

As I'm sure no end of gossips will have gladly told you by now, my House isn't what it once was.

Impeccably groomed if slightly out of shape, Umberto Gabbiano wears a nobleman's cape, with a polished rapier at his side. However, his cape is slightly frayed at the edges, and the blue is somewhat faded. His beard is well-trimmed, and his hair is short yet neat.

Umberto is the middle-aged, current head of House Gabbiano, a Venzan noble merchant house which has fallen from its previous financial and social stature. He recently suffered the loss of his admittedly-irresponsible younger brother, Carnemorto Gabbiano. While his murder was solved by a group of adventurers he hired, Carnemorto's murderer--an elven opera singer named Abzienta--escaped and remains at large.

Gabbiano was recently forced to deal with another threat to his failing House's reputation. It seems his younger brother traded away a valuable magical artifact to Niam Caan, former game warden for House Gabbiano, and the man was using it to run scams on local peasants. This time the adventurers came to Gabbiano after the murder of some of Caan's victim.

The head of house rewarded the party upon Caan's capture and was overjoyed at having recovered the artifact: an epic-level wand of Shrink Object which his ancestors used to provide unbeatable shipping rates. It is unclear how much magic was left in the wand, but he was clearly dead-set on making sure it fell into no hands other than his own.

Lately, the fortunes of Gabbiano seem to be on an upswing, although House Boraga remains a dangerous and deadly adversary.

First appearance: The Dunn Wright Inn; recruiting PCs to solve his brother's murder.

Subsequent appearances:

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