The following selections from Ultimate Combat are approved for play in Living Pathfinder.

  • Classes
    • Ninja
    • Samurai
  • Archetypes ~ All archetypes that do not involve firearms.
  • Feats ~ All feats that do not involve firearms.
  • Spells ~ All spells that do not involve firearms or spell blights.
  • Chapter Three
    • Eastern Armor and Weapons
    • Gladiatorial Weapons
    • Primitive Armor and Weapons
    • Duels
    • Performance Combat
    • Siege Weapons not involving gunpowder
  • Chapter Four
    • Vehicles that do not involve alchemical propulsion.

The following selections from Ultimate Combat are explicitly excluded from play in Living Pathfinder.

From Chapter 1: Classes and Archetypes

  • Gunslinger & related firearms feats/archetypes/weapons
  • Musketeer (Cavalier archetype)
  • Holy Gun (Paladin archetype)
  • Black Powder Inquisition (Inquisitor domain)
  • Rogue Talents
    • Firearm Training
    • Grit

From Chapter 2: Feats

  • Grit feats

From Chapter 3: Mastering Combat

  • Firearms (Equipment)
  • Black Powder-based Siege Engines
  • Firearm/Black Powder-based Spells

From Chapter 4: Vehicles

  • Alchemical Engines

All of Chapter 5: Variant Rules

  • Armor as Damage Reduction
  • Called Shots
  • Piecemeal Armor
  • Wounds and Vigor

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