Thon Vissior
Thon Pencils
Race/Species Half-Elf
Gender Male
Homeland Martna
Organization (former) Cult of Owbej

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Don't imagine you'd be so keen on making fast friends if you'd been living on the streets the past few weeks.

Thon Vissior lived a hard life with his father in the city of Martna. Pining for his lost elven lover, Thon’s father never had much financial or social success, and only tended to speak to his son to tell him how much he didn’t live up to the apparent perfection of his dead mother.

In a fit of youthful rebellion, Thon left his father’s home, though he found himself possessed of his human blood’s luck. He lived on the streets for several weeks, debating whether he would be better served trying to take up with The Harran, making the long trek to Venza to track down an elven great-aunt whom his father claimed was a retainer in a prominent Noble House (Finia of House Gabbiano), or signing up with the quickly-rising Cult of Owbej.

Deciding the first two options required far more travel than he was prepared to engage in, Thon wound up at The River’s Tears tavern the same night that a group of adventurers, recruited by Inar Parsons, sought information on joining the cult. Both Thon and the adventurers were drugged after agreeing to join, and carted back to the temple.

Thon struggled to find his place, as the undercover adventurers were reluctant to trust him, and the cult’s indoctrination involved more abuse of a soul who had lived his life being told he wasn’t good enough. When the duplicity of his fellow recruits was discovered, Thon suffered a massive beating, and only survived due to his abuser’s decision to track down the adventurers to exact his revenge.

After the cult’s destruction, however, the adventurers who had been uncertain about him saved him from prosecution with the rest of the cultists by vouching for him to Inar Parsons. This lead to introductions to other notable persons in positions to help Thon within Martna. While his choice of path is still undecided, for the first time in a long while, the young half-elf appears to have positive options at his disposal.

First appearance: Distant Relations sulking in a corner during a PC-infiltratred cult recruitment

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