Thalina symbol


Titles The Cheerful Breeze,

The Voice in the Wind

Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Weather, Joy, Childrearing
Worshipers Bards, Rogues, Children
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Good, Luck, Weather, Air
Favored Weapon Longbow
Symbol A winged white cat


It had been difficult to pin point the origin of Thalina as many thought she was just the overreacting imagination of children. For a long time there had been stories of kids getting lost in the fields or woods and then lead back to town by a cheerful voice in the wind or a beautiful winged girl followed by a small cat. People caught in storms or snow also assured the harsh weather had suddenly stopped while a young voice hurried them to their destination.

At best, she was regarded as a friendly spirit by the locals. It took a very curious bard and an cleric (who claimed dreaming of her) to gather all information there was about Thalina along the border towns and villages of Tritower. With this, the bard made a small anthology of songs and poems and eventually the cleric built a small shrine in her honor.

The most detailed description they found said she looked like a young teenager with wings, dressed in a white dress and sandals. She announces her pressence first with a giggle or a chuckle followed by a sudden gust of wind. She may or may not be carrying or being followed by a white cat.

It is said she favors bards and music, specially those directed at the entertainment of children.

Temples and ClergyEdit

A single shrine east of Tritower.

Clerics are encouraged to specially look after the well-being of children and provide them with stories and songs of good values and love. Clerics usually multiclass at least one level of bard when they can. 

Notable FollowersEdit

  • Damaris Beiryn, a young bard hailing from the small town of Whiteoak, east of Tritower.

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