Race/Species Gnome
Class Fighter (Brawler)/Rogue
Gender Male

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Why, lookit here, Mr. Baggett, a couple o’ ruffians tryin’ to horn in on our action.

Tamm is a gnomish scoundrel and rapscallion, one half of the criminal duo of Baggett and Tamm. Last seen (unsuccessfully) shaking down travelers in the alleys of Hruthrip, Tamm was captured and is serving time in Hruthrip's Pit.

First Appearance:
Dockside Diversion/Still Waters: Shaking down bookseller Aldino Gallucci and his adventuring bodyguards (Borric Hawkins, Nathan Tchanlach, Sylvain Marana and Zelena Andu) in the back alleys of Hruthrip. [1]

Subsequent Appearances:

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