Talus Peddleport
Race/Species Halfling
Gender Male
Homeland Landadel Baronies
Organization Ouhm River Trading Guild; city of K'issp

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Please, madam, restrain yourself. 'Bend the rules,' you say? Hmmpf! Clearly you have mistaken me for someone else. I am just a poorly paid contract tax assessor working in sub-optimal, poorly-funded conditions...

Talus Peddleport, Halfling, can be found on the docks of K'issp assessing cargo for taxes levied by the Ouhm River Trading Guild on behalf of the city of K'issp. He is plump, a bit of a stuffed shirt, and rarely says more than "Uhm, hmm," as he scribbles notes until he collects the tax at the end of his assessment. He dresses totally inappropriately for the heat of the Delta and his fat face is frequently red and sweating.

First Appearance:
Dockside Diversion~Still Waters assessing and collecting taxes on Sekmun's cargo as the merchant prepares to depart K'issp for Hruthrip.

Subsequent Appearances:
None yet.

DM Secret: Within his coat are affixed several feathers: bird feather tokens with which he communicates with the pirates/cult of Tal Ouhm between K'issp and Hruthrip.

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