Within E'N there are small cults of worshipers who revere nature spirits as gods.

Notable Tal Cults: Edit

Tal Ouhm: Some Halflings along the Ouhm River worship the river as their god and believe that the unblessed ships of nonbelievers are an affront to Tal Ouhm, the World Serpent, whose body is the river itself. Many have taken to the waters performing acts of piracy.

Tal Hallow: Minor and mostly destroyed during the occupation of Tal Hallow. However, there is speculation that the gods of the gnomes began as Tal spirits and became true gods with continued worship.

The Lady: North of Venza, worship of the dryad-like 'Lady' and her festivals was likely a Tal cult. The Lady was slain by her immortal high priest though the local fey haven't given up hope that her tree will sprout anew.

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