Basic InformationEdit

      Race: Elf
     Class: Bard
     Level: 4
Experience: 6000
 Alignment: CN
 Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan
     Deity: Aelaiththon, the care free, impertinent aspect of the Wanderer

Current Status


STR: 14 +2 (5 pts)
DEX: 18 +4 (7 pts, +2 racial, +1 level)
CON: 10 +0 (2 pts, -2 racial)
INT: 15 +2 (3 pts, +2 racial)
WIS:  8 -1 (-2 pts)
CHA: 14 +2 (5 pts)

Combat StatisticsEdit

(Maximum-2)   HP: 26 = [4d8(26) + CON(0) + FC(0)] (Bard 4)
              AC: 19 = [10 + DEX (4) + Armor (5)]
        AC Touch: 14 = [10 + DEX (4)]
   AC Flatfooted: 15 = [10 + Armor (5)]
            INIT: +6 = [DEX (4) + Reactionary (2)]
             BAB: +3 = [Bard (3)]
             CMB: +5 = [BAB (3) + STR (2)]
             CMD: 19 = [10 + BAB (3) + STR (2) + DEX (4)]
       Fortitude: +1 = [Bard 4 (1) + CON (0)]
          Reflex: +8 = [Bard 4 (4) + DEX (4)]
            Will: +3 = [Bard 4 (4) + WIS (-1)]
           Speed:  30' (20 if at medium encumbrance)
Damage Reduction:  0/Any
Spell Resistance:  0
           Saves: +2 vs enchantment spells and effects (racial)
                  +4 vs bardic performance, sonic and language dependent
                        effects (well versed, bard)

Weapon StatisticsEdit

Longbow:  Attack: +8 or +6/+6 = [BAB (3) + Dex (4) + MWK(1) + Rapid Shot(-2)]
          Damage: 1d8+2, Crit: 20/x3,         
           Range: 100 feet, Special: PBS +1 to hit/damage within 30 feet
Spear: Attack(M): +5 = [BAB (3) + Str (2)]
          Damage: 1d8+3, Crit: 20/x3
Spear: Attack(R): +7 = [BAB (3) + Dex (4)]
          Damage: 1d8+2, Crit: 20/x3
           Range: 20 feet, Special: PBS +1 to hit/damage within 30 feet

Racial TraitsEdit

Ability Adjustments: +2 (dex), +2 (int), -2 (con)
               Size: Medium
              Speed: 30'
      Favored Class: Bard
   Elven Immunities: (Ex)  Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and 
                     get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment 
                     spells and effects.
        Elven Magic: (Ex)  Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on caster level 
                     checks made to overcome spell resistance. In addition, 
                     elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft skill 
                     checks made to identify the properties of magic items.
Immunity to Magical Sleep: (Ex)  You are never subject to magic sleep effects.
        Keen Senses: (Ex)  Elves receive a +2 bonus on Perception skill checks.
 Weapon Familiarity: (Ex)  Elves are proficient with longbows (including 
                     composite longbows), longswords, rapiers, and shortbows 
                     (including composite shortbows), and treat any weapon with 
                     the word "elven" in its name as a martial weapon.

Class FeaturesEdit


Armor/Weapons: Light Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons plus the longsword, 
        rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, and whip.

Armored Casting (Ex)  You can cast bard spells while wearing light 
                      armor and use a shield without incurring the 
                      normal arcane spell failure chance.

Bardic Knowledge You gain +2 to all Knowledge checks and may make all 
 Knowledge skill checks untrained.

Bardic Performance You are trained to use the Perform skill to
 create magical effects on those around you, including yourself if
 desired. You can use this ability for 12 rounds per day. Each
 round, you can produce any one of the types of bardic performance
 that you have mastered. Starting a bardic performance is a
 standard action, but it can be maintained each round as a free
 action. Changing a bardic performance from one effect to another
 requires the bard to stop the previous performance and start a
 new one as a standard action. A bardic performance cannot be
 disrupted, but it ends immediately if you are killed, paralyzed,
 stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking
 a free action to maintain it each round. You cannot have more
 than one bardic performance in effect at one time.

Cantrips You have learned a number of cantrips, or 0-level
 spells. These spells are cast like any other spells, but they do
 not consume any slots and may be used again.

Countersong (Su) You can counter magic effects that depend on
 sound (but not spells that have verbal components). Each round of
 the countersong you make a Perform (keyboard, percussion, wind,
 string, or sing) skill check. Any creature within 30
 feet (including yourself) that is affected by a sonic or
 language-dependent magical attack may use your Perform check
 result in place of its saving throw if, after the saving throw is
 rolled, the Perform check result proves to be higher. If a
 creature within range of the countersong is already under the
 effect of a noninstantaneous sonic or language-dependent magical
 attack, it gains another saving throw against the effect each
 round it hears the countersong, but it must use your Perform
 skill check result for the save. Countersong does not work on
 effects that don't allow saves. Countersong relies on audible

Distraction (Su) You can use your performance to counter magic
 effects that depend on sight. Each round of the distraction, make
 a Perform (act, comedy, dance, or oratory) skill check. Any
 creature within 30 feet (including yourself) that is affected by
 an illusion (pattern) or illusion (figment) magical attack may
 use your Perform check result in place of its saving throw if,
 after the saving throw is rolled, the Perform skill check proves
 to be higher. If a creature within range of the distraction is
 already under the effect of a noninstantaneous illusion (pattern)
 or illusion (figment) magical attack, it gains another saving
 throw against the effect each round it sees the distraction, but
 it must use your Perform skill check result for the
 save. Distraction does not work on effects that don't allow
 saves. Distraction relies on visual components.

Fascinate (Su) You can use your performance to cause up to 2
 creatures to become fascinated with you. Each creature to be
 fascinated must be within 90 feet, able to see and hear you, and
 capable of paying attention to you. You must also be able to see
 the creatures affected. The distraction of a nearby combat or
 other dangers prevents this ability from working. Each creature
 within range receives a Will save (DC 14) to negate the
 effect. If a creature's saving throw succeeds, you cannot attempt
 to fascinate that creature again for 24 hours. If its saving
 throw fails, the creature sits quietly and observes your
 performance for as long as you continue to maintain it. While
 fascinated, a target takes a -4 penalty on all skill checks made
 as reactions, such as Perception checks. Any potential threat to
 the target allows the target to make a new saving throw against
 the effect. Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon,
 casting a spell, or aiming a weapon at the target, automatically
 breaks the effect. Fascinate is an enchantment (compulsion),
 mind-affecting ability. Fascinate relies on audible and visual
 components in order to function.

Inspire Courage (Su) You can use your performance to inspire
 courage in your allies (including yourself), bolstering them
 against fear and improving their combat abilities. To be
 affected, an ally must be able to perceive your performance. An
 affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against
 charm and fear effects and a +1 competence bonus on attack and
 weapon damage rolls. Inspire courage is a mind-affecting
 ability. Inspire courage can use audible or visual
 components. The bard must choose which component to use when
 starting his performance.

Versatile Performance (Ex): You can use your Perform (Sing) modifier when
 making a Bluff or Sense Motive check

Well-Versed (Ex): +4 bonus on saving throws made against bardic 
 performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects.

Inspire Compentence +2 (Su): A bard of 3rd level or higher can use her
performance to help an ally succeed at a task. The ally must be within 
30 feet and able to see and hear the bard. The ally gets a +2 competence 
bonus on skill checks with a particular skill as long as she continues 
to hear the bard’s performance. This bonus increases by +1 for every four
levels the bard has attained beyond 3rd (+3 at 7th, +4 at 11th, +5 at 15th, 
and +6 at 19th).


Point-Blank Shot (General 1st): You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls 
       with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.
Rapid Shot (General 3rd): When making a full-attack action with a ranged weapon,
       you can fire one additional time this round. All of your attack rolls
       take a –2 penalty when using Rapid Shot.


Reactionary: (Combat) You were bullied often as a child, but never
   quite developed an offensive response. Instead, you became
   adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger
   quickly. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Scholar of the Great Beyond: (Faith) Your great interests as a
   child did not lie with current events or the mundane—
   you have always felt out of place, as if you were born in
   the wrong era. You take to philosophical discussions of the
   Great Beyond and of historical events with ease. You gain
   a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge
   (planes) checks, and one of these skills (your choice) is
   always a class skill for you.

Spell Lists (Known)Edit

0 Level                    Level 01                   Level 02                   Level 03
* Dancing Lights           * Grease                   * Heroism
* Daze                     * Silent Image             * Invisibility
* Detect Magic             * Timely Inspiration
* Ghost Sound              * Remove Fear
* Read Magic
* Prestidigitation

Spells per DayEdit

0 Level                    Level 1                   Level 2                   Level 3
unlimited                    4                          2                         -


  • Skills with a blank 'Total' may not be used untrained.
Skill Points: 36 = [Base (24) + INT (2)/Level; FC (4), Misc (0)] (Bard)

Skills                Total   Rank     CS   Ability  ACP* Misc
Acrobatics              +3/1   0       0       4     -1/3 +0
Appraise                +2     0       0       2          +0
Bluff                   +9     -       -       -           - (Versatile Singing)
Climb                   +1/-1  0       0       2     -1/3 +0
Diplomacy               +9     4       3       2          +0
Disable Device                 0       0       2     -1/3 +0
Disguise                +2     0       0       2          +0
Escape Artist           +3/1   0       0       4     -1/3 +0
Fly                     +3/1   0       0       4     -1/3 +0
Handle Animal                  0       0       2          +0
Heal                    -1     0       0      -1          +0
Intimidate              +2     0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (Arcana)      +9     2       3       2          +2 (Bardic Knowledge)
Knowledge (Dngnrng)     +9     2       3       2          +2 (BK)
Knowledge (Engnrng)     +9     2       3       2          +2 (BK)
Knowledge (Geography)   +8     1       3       2          +2 (BK)
Knowledge (History)     +9     1       3       2          +3 (BK & Trait)
Knowledge (Local)       +9     2       3       2          +2 (BK)
Knowledge (Nature)      +9     2       3       2          +2 (BK)
Knowledge (Nobility)    +8     1       3       2          +2 (BK)
Knowledge (Planes)      +9     1       3       2          +3 (BK & Trait)
Knowledge (Religion)    +9     2       3       2          +2 (BK)
Linguistics                    0       0       2          +0
Perception              +1     0       0      -1          +2 (Racial)
Perform    (Dance  )    +9     4       3       2          +0
Perform    (Sing   )    +9     4       3       2          +0
Ride                    +3/1   0       0       4     -1/3 +0
Sense Motive            +9     -       -       -           - (Versatile Singing)
Sleight of Hand                0       0       3     -1/3 +0
Spellcraft              +9     4       3       2          +0
  to id magic items     +11                                +2 (Racial)
Stealth                 +3/1   0       0       4     -1/3 +0
Survival                -1     0       0      -1          +0
Swim                    +1/-1  0       0       2     -1/3 +0
Use Magic Device        +9     4       3       2          +0

ACP is -1 from chain shirt and -3 when at moderate encumbrance.  She will soon 
sell her leather armor, which will put her close to light encumbrance.  When 
that happens, she often leave items "at camp" or have someone carry them so 
that she is at light encumbrance.


Equipment                        Cost     Weight
Explorer's Outfit                          0  lb
Studded Leather Armor             25 gp   20  lb
+1 Chain Shirt                  1250 gp   25  lb
Spear (Melee)                      2 gp    6  lb
MW Comp Longbow Str 14           600 gp    3  lb
  Arrows (100)                     5 gp   15  lb 
  Arrows, Blunt (20)               2 gp    3  lb
  Arrows, Flight (20)              2 gp    3  lb
  Arrows, Smoke                   10 gp    0  lb
Acid Flask                        10 gp    1  lb
Bed roll                         0.1 gp    5  lb 
Caltrop (2x)                       2 gp    4  lb 
MW Backpack                       50 gp    4  lb
  Candle                        0.01 gp    0  lb
  Flint and steel                  1 gp    0  lb
  Inkpen                         0.1 gp    0  lb
  Paper (Sheet) (2x)             0.8 gp    0  lb
  Trail rations (3x)             1.5 gp    3  lb
  Sack (empty)                   0.1 gp  0.5  lb
  Signal whistle                 0.8 gp    0  lb
  Twine (50 ft)                 0.01 gp  0.5  lb
Spell Component Pouch              5 gp    2  lb
Scrolls (detail below)           575 gp    0  lb

                Total Cost:  2542.42 gp
                           Total Weight:  95 lb

* Syldar either leaves enough arrows at home to be at light encumbrance.  
That is currently 4 pounds, or 27 arrows, leaving here with 73 normal 
arrows on her person.

            Light  Medium   Heavy    
Max Weight: 0-66   67-133   134-200
MW Backpack increases strength by 1 for determining encumbrance.

	 Borrow Skill
	 Comprehend Languages
	 Cure Light Wounds
	 Disguise Self
	 Feather Fall
	 Remove Fear
	 Solid Note
	 Expeditious Retreat 

  Available, requires UMD check
	 Gravity Bow
	 Hide from Undead
	 Magic Weapon
	 Spider Climb
	 True Strike
	 Ant Haul 
	 Pass without Trace 
	 Protection from Evil (2x) 
	 Protection from Law 
	 Unseen Servant 

  Available, requires UMD check and UMD check for ability
	 Faerie Fire
	 Speak with Animals
	 Hide from Animals


PP: 20
GP: 4
SP: 5
CP: 8


Sold for loss:
1 gp  Backpack

Consumables used:
2 potions of lesser restoration during Bloodcove Disguise


      Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
       Age: 133
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 102 lb
Hair Color: Blond
 Eye Color: Amethyst (blue leaning toward purple)
Skin Color: Fair
Appearance: Shorter and thinner than usual for an elf (but not unusually so).  
            Very long hair.  
  Demeanor: Wants to be liked and tries to sweet-talk everyone into liking her.
            Shows more confidence than she actually has, and tends to take risks 
            to hide that.
Background: Syldar grew up in a typical sylvan elven community.  She took 
            advantage of her beauty and youth to gain favors and friends.  
            Intelligent (even for an elf), she enjoyed learning but rarely 
            develops close social attachments.
            As she was nearing adulthood, she became involved in a romantic 
            triangle with the sons of two of the leaders of her community.  
            Sadly, neither new about the other.  When they did learn of each 
            other, she was forced to flee the community.  It is rumored that 
            one of the sons was killed, but Syldar refuses to talk about
            the situation. 

            Following that, she spent several years traveling in an attempt to 
            forget the incident.  During that time, she picked up additional 
            knowledge and social skills, including the ability to magically 
            influence people.  Since she is not the wisest of elves, poor 
            decisions and reckless behavior are likely in her future.

Adventure LogEdit

Bats in the Belfry

      XP Received: 1306
Treasure Received: 1345 GP
                   0 Gems/Jewelry
                   3 quivers of 20 arrows (3x1gp)

Bloodcove Disguise (in progress) (sufficient for level 4)

      XP Received: 4051-1306= 2745 and sufficient for level 4 
Treasure Received: +1 chainshirt
                   Assorted coins and gems (not counted while adventure is in progress)
                   2 potions of lesser restoration (already used)

Level UpsEdit

  Level 2:
    Class: Bard
      BAB: +0 to +1
     Fort: +0 to +0
      Ref: +2 to +3
     Will: +2 to +3
     Feat: -
 Features: Well-versed: +4 to saves vs. Bardic Performance, sonic and 
                        language dependent effects.
 Versatile Performance: Use Perform(Sing) modifier for Bluff 
                        or Sense Motive checks
New Spell: Timely Inspiration
       HP: Max -2 (6)
Skill Pts: +9 = +6 (Class) +0 (Race) +9 (Old Total) +1 (FC Bonus) +2 (Int) = 18 (New Total)

  Level 3:
    Class: Bard
      BAB: +1 to +2
     Fort: +0 to +1
      Ref: +3 to +3
     Will: +3 to +3
     Feat: Rapid Shot
 Features: Bardic Performance: Inspire Competence: +2 competence bonus to allies skill check.
New Spell: Remove Fear (1), Prestidigitation (0)
       HP: Max -2 (6)
Skill Pts: +9 = +6 (Class) +0 (Race) +18 (Old Total) +1 (FC Bonus) +2 (Int) = 27 (New Total)

  Level 4:
    Class: Bard
      BAB: +2 to +3
     Fort: +1 to +1
      Ref: +3 to +4
     Will: +3 to +3
     Feat: -
 Features: Bardic Performance: Fascinate (2 targets), +1 Leveling Ability bonus to DEX
New Spell: Heroism, Invisibility (2)
       HP: Max -2 (6)
Skill Pts: +9 = +6 (Class) +0 (Race) +27 (Old Total) +1 (FC Bonus) +2 (Int) = 36 (New Total)


  • Approval 11/9/10 (HolyMan) Level 1
  • Approval 11/15/10 (Walking Dad) Level 1
  • Approval 03/22/11 (HolyMan) Level 2
  • Approval 10/02/11 (InVinoVeritas) Level 3
  • Approval 10/27/11 (Satin Knights) Level 4