The almost famous Sugar and Spice Bakery is located in Báyanmaliít (Bangin’ Mallet), Venza. It brings gnomish ingenuity and business savvy to the art of baking. Combining mass production techniques and a lucrative arrangement for cheap sugar, the bakery cranks out decent (although not the best) sweet breads and pastries, making them available to the public at a low price. It’s convenient and fast.

Like many successful businesses, the bakery is relatively easy to find. A sign inside reads, “So easy to find even the blind can do it. Follow your nose!” However, the greater issue is the building's excellent location. It is located on the corner of two major streets and has large, easy to read, signs advertising its location.

The bakery is known to gnomes, halfling and, curiously, worshipers of Cortesia (news of this bakery spread like wildfire through the church congregation.) Of this situation, Priest Raleigh Scarpazzio ruefully observed, “Cortesians put more money in that bakery’s coffers than ours!” The claim is unlikely to be true, but does illustrate his outlook on the situation.

The main building of the Sugar and Spice Bakery is built only for small folk, with Dwarves finding the ceilings a bit low (but passable). However, there is a second floor external window for selling to the taller races, with a sign reading, “Big Folks Order Here.” Both inside and outside, there is available seating for dining.

In addition to sweet breads and pastries, the Sugar and Spice Bakery's menu includes fresh fruit and non-alcoholic brews such as coffee and chocolate. Patrons joke that the bakery is responsible for the rotund nature of halflings. Of course, halflings had that reputation well before the bakery ever came along, but it does illustrate the appeal of the menu in humorous fashion.

First appearance: The Road to Tritower

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