Race/Species Lizardfolk
Gender Male
Homeland Hruthrip;

Ouhm River

Organization Clan Grayscale

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Are elven-kind always so rude? In my home if I were treated like that I would kill and eat them.

Sekmun is a massive lizardfolk male, easily topping seven feet tall and with scales the dark gray-green of hanging moss. When in 'civilized' lands he wears a loose wrap of cloth about his waist, either an affectation or a nod to human modesty, and several pieces of heavy, gold jewelry around his wrists. The thick hide along his jaw is pierced and adorned with several gold rings.

Sekmun is progressive for a lizardfolk, traveling and trading amongst the other races beyond his tribal compound in the still waters of the Ouhm River outside Hruthrip. He is of the Grayscale clan, known in Hruthrip for shady dealings.

First Appearance:
Dockside Diversion (1-2): Paying adventurers (Fae'shiel Aeros, Marcus Cole, Ehdge, Darius Thran and Kazanto) with a golden armband for killing his escaped cargo of giant beetles1.

Subsequent Appearances:
Dockside Diversion (3-4) ~ Still Waters: Again paying adventurers (Zelena Andu, Borric Hawkins, Sylvain Marana and Nathan Tchanlach) for cleaning up his mess on the docks1; Hiring those same adventurers to guard against pirates as they travel up the Ouhm River to his home in Hruthrip2.

Dwarven Crusade: Khuldun: Giving Zelena Andu and Nathan Tchanlach a nasty bit of advice concerning his relative, Kremuur Grayscale1.

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