Oldest brother - Theodore, runs the family; Adolfo is a field agent/scout for the family business

Owners of Savi Fur, Inc., this family has gone through both ups and downs recently. The excitement started when their father, the founder of the company died, and the younger brother, Gregori, went off adventuring only to get himself killed. There was a silver lining in his death, though. It brought the plight, and potential, of the Silver Road to the attention of the family, as well introduced them to an abandoned compound just outside the city that would be a perfect base of operations for their expanding business. Adolfo seeks out information on the ruined estate, and after securing an escort to Tritower, secures the estate from it's negligent owner, Thomas Johnson, and the family is now in the process of building both it and the Silver Road back up.

Discussed in detail at the beginning of "Expansion."

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