Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Knowledge
Worshipers Venzans, scholars
Cleric Alignments
Domains Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Plant, Rune
Favored Weapon Throwing Axe

Sapo is the elder of the Twins, son of Cortesia, and god of knowledge, particularly esoteric disciplines of magic and runes.


Saint Goro and the Bull: Details vary by source. This tale of a Sapian saint from Venza's mythic history pits Saint Goro against a rampaging, wild bull. Goro wrestles the bull into submission, thus saving the nascent settlement. Ever since, the bull has been given a name derived from its conqueror, the Gorram Bull.


Appearance and EmissariesEdit

Sapo, when appearing as a humanoid, always takes the form of an old man. Iconography varies depending upon aspect emphasized. Sapo Incendio, for example, bears a halo of fire and often a sphere of fire in his hand.

Church of SapoEdit

Worshipers and ClergyEdit

Clergy are typically clerics, druids, and experts.

Notable WorshipersEdit

Temples, Shrines and Holy SitesEdit

Sapo's holy places range from sacred groves in the wilderness to large temple-libraries in cities.

Library of Society: A small, specialized library dedicated to one of the circles of knowledge recognized by Sapian scholar-priests and located in one of the minor districts of Venza. Most of the structure is composed of storage for books and scrolls but there is a small chapel and numerous meditation/study rooms.

A typical meditation/study room is well appointed with dark-stained wood and shelves. Minor relics of the Sapian faith litter the shelves amongst the books and icons, such as paintings of 'Sapo Incendio' (Sapo as the wielder of fire), decorate the walls where not covered by shelving. There is always a heavy wooden library table, often with books stacked high and scattered around the occupants of the room.

[Research: +2 to research rolls for Knowledge (religion), (history), and (local)]

Holy TextsEdit



The Green Circle, a prominent sect based out of a druidic college some miles outside of Venza, worships Sapo through self knowledge and improvement and studying the power of nature and everything's place within nature.

The Order of Poor Scholars, often called the Humble Brothers or Barefoot Brothers, is a mendicant order dedicated to travel and study, seeking knowledge and providing service predominantly in rural areas.

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