Sangre del Sol
Region Inner Sea
Size Small City
Population 6,000 (transitory)
Demographics Human (varies)
Government Council of the Brotherhood of Captains
Alignment Neutral Evil

...a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...

Lying on the delta of the Sangre River, Sangre del Sol acts as a haven for pirates that ply the Inner Sea. It is almost completely dedicated to the trading and selling of goods with dubious ownership. The other mainstay of Sangre is foodstuffs and freshwater for the provisioning of ships. Sangre is a brutal and lawless place. It is currently run by the Brotherhood (a semi-formal coalition of more prosperous pirate captains that make a lot of noise about the "pirate code" that most of them rarely adhere to). About the only time they actually cooperate without incessant infighting is when Sangre is threatened by the forces of some nation. The interior land along the Sangre River is a vast, trackless jungle except for the area immediately around the town that has been cleared for farming. Sangre also provides a staging point for the occasional expedition that goes into the jungle searching for rumored ancient ruins. It is said that one can find anything in Sangre for the right price and that the price is not always measured in gold.

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