Rylidak Kel
Titles Captain of the Guard
Race/Species Half-Orc
Class Paladin
Gender Female
Homeland Heth
Deity Torglarok
Organization The Crows (Kostry Kopec)

NPC usage: Open to GMs

You only get one chance to chain yourself to the wall and avoid death today, I suggest you take it. You are not the abomination that I intend to kill today.

Rylidak Kel is a half-orc woman serving as a commander in The Crows, the local constabulary force of Kostry Kopec. A no-nonsense servant of the law, her rise through the ranks in the Kopec was a somewhat rocky one. Mistrusted for her race, her skills with a lock pick, and her worship of the Orc god Torglarok (for whom she serves as a paladin), it was only the sponsorship of Commander Cecili Syrianna which allowed her entry.

After her sponsorship, Syrianna and Kel became especially close, and eventually joined together as lifemates. Syrianna was killed in the first attack on the surface by the Spawn of Yog-Sothoth. When it became clear that the creature had not found its way to Kostry Kopec alone, but was summoned by citizens of the city, the half-orc pledged a holy oath to avenge Syrianna's death against all those involved.

Thus divinely bound, she replaced the usual black leather armor of the Crows with polished ebony full plate, joining the adventurers tasked with destroying the creature. Her inner fire was inflamed further with the discovery that the Crows had themselves been unintentionally aiding one of the cultists, who ran the local asylum where those criminals deemed insane were imprisoned.

Her oath to avenge Syrianna's death was soon enough fulfilled, and for her service Kel has risen to Captain of the Crows, where she seeks to ferret out any other corruption in an effort to avoid the mistakes which lead to her mate's death.

First appearance: Kostry Kopec, running the crime scene in the Sandal Market.

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