Titles the One-Eyed
Alignment Lawful Good
Portfolio strength, courage, mettle
Worshipers Dwarves
Cleric Alignments
Domains Artifice, Good, Law, Protection, Strength
Favored Weapon Battleaxe

The Dwarves worship Rogar, a one-eyed aspect of the Ruler. Legend states that Rogar lost his eye fighting evil gods on the day the Dwarven citadels fell, and if not for his courage and strength of arms evil hordes would have been released upon E’n to wipe the Dwarven race from it. Rogar's saga about his transition from master craftsman to military leader and finally to his ascension has been retold several times, being the subject of many renowned pieces of Dwarven high literature and a mirror image to the fate of the Dwarven people. The Dwarven race was crippled by the war, causing them to transition from a militant homogenous race to a broken and scattered people using their trade skills to barter in various lands in order to survive. Rogar's saga has enabled his people to embrace the dualistic importance of creation and destruction; the artisan and the soldier.

Each Clan depicts Rogar differently, but all of them emphasize his role as a craftsman and his skill in combat. They are now a people who find artistry and crafting their primary means of survival, but willing to take on the family's ancient axe when threatened. Rogar's dual-sided battleaxe has a special place represents the dualistic nature of Dwarven philosophy, that it can be used as a tool or for battle, and that it is used in the family as a symbol of elder wisdom and an obligation to defend the household.

Notable FollowersEdit

Garnet Sharnhearth

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