Reianne EstrilEdit

Basic InformationEdit

      Race: Human (Humanoid, Human)
     Class: Bard (Arcane Duelist)
     Level: 2
Experience: 2,716
 Alignment: Neutral Good
 Languages: Common, Draconic, Gnome,
     Deity: Cortessa
First Seen: Rescue at Boar's Ridge
  Location: The Dunn Wright Inn


STR: 14 +2 (05 pts)
DEX: 12 +1 (02 pts)
CON: 12 +1 (02 pts)
INT: 13 +1 (03 pts)
WIS: 08 -1 (-2 pts)
CHA: 18 +4 (10 pts) +2 Racial, Human

Combat StatisticsEdit

(Max -2)      HP:  16 = [2d8 (14) + CON (1*2) + FC (00)] (Bard)
              AC:  16 = [10 + DEX (+1) + Armor (+4) + Shield (+1) 
                         + Natural (0) + Size (0) + Misc (0)]
        AC Touch:  11 = [10 + DEX (+1) + Size (0) + Misc (0)]
   AC Flatfooted:  15 = [10 + Armor (+4) + Shield (+1) + Natural (00) 
                         + Size (0) + Misc (0)]
            INIT: +01 = [DEX (+1) + Misc (00)]
             BAB: +01 = [Bard (+1)]
             CMB: +03 = [BAB (01) + STR (02) + Misc (0)]
        Trip CMB: +05 = [BAB (01) + STR (02) + Imp Trip Feat (2)]
             CMD:  14 = [10 + BAB (01) + STR (+2) + DEX (+1) + Misc (0)] 
        Trip CMD:  16 = [10 + BAB (01) + STR (+2) + DEX (+1) + Imp Trip (2)]
       Fortitude: +01 = [Bard (+0) + CON (+1) + Misc (00)]
          Reflex: +04 = [Bard (+3) + DEX (+1) + Misc (00)]
            Will: +02 = [Bard (+3) + WIS (-1) + Misc (00)]
           Speed:  30'
Damage Reduction:  00/Any
Spell Resistance:  00
   Spell Failure:  00%

Weapon StatisticsEdit

  • Please specify the nature of Special and Miscellaneous Adjustments
MW Scorpion Whip: Attack: +4 = [BAB (01) + STR (+2) + Misc (00) + Magic (00)]
               Damage: 1d4+2 Crit: 20/x2, Type: S, 
              Special: Disarm, Performance, Reach 15', Trip, Cold Iron

 MW Longsword: Attack: +4 = [BAB (01) + STR (+2) + MW (+1) + Magic (00)]
               Damage: 1d8+2 Crit: 19-20/x2, Type: S, Special:
       Dagger: Attack: +3 = [BAB (01) + STR (+2) + Misc (00) + Magic (00)]
               Damage: 1d4+2 Crit: 19-20/x2, Type: P or S

       Dagger: Attack: +2 = [BAB (01) + DEX (+1) + Misc (00) + Magic (00)]
               Damage: 1d4+2 Crit: 19-20/x2, Range 10', Type: P or S, Qty: 2
Alchemist's Fire: Attack: +2 = [BAB (01) + DEX (+1) + Misc (00) + Magic (00)]
 Ranged Touch     Damage: 1d6 fire Crit: 20/x2, Range 10', 
                  Special: Touch Attack, Splash, 1d6 fire second round, Qty: 4

Racial FeaturesEdit

Ability Adjustments: +2 (Charisma)
               Size: Medium
              Speed: 30'
      Favored Class: Bard (Bonus Bard Spell, taken twice)
         Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level. 
            Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and
                     one additional rank whenever they gain a level.

Class FeaturesEdit


        Armor/Weapons: Proficient with Simple weapons, plus the longsword,
                       rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, and whip.  Light
                       armor, and Shields (except tower shields). 

 Armored Casting (Ex): You can cast bard spells while wearing light armor and
                       use a shield without incurring the normal arcane spell
                       failure chance. 

   Bardic Performance: You are trained to use the Perform skill to create
                       magical effects on those around you, including yourself
                       if desired. You can use this ability for 8 rounds per
                       day. Each round, you can produce any one of the types
                       of bardic performance that you have mastered. Starting
                       a bardic performance is a standard action, but it can
                       be maintained each round as a free action. Changing a
                       bardic performance from one effect to another requires
                       the bard to stop the previous performance and start a
                       new one as a standard action. A bardic performance
                       cannot be disrupted, but it ends immediately if you
                       are killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious,
                       or otherwise prevented from taking a free action to
                       maintain it each round. You cannot have more than one
                       bardic performance in effect at one time. 

        Arcane Strike: Arcane duelists gain Arcane Strike as a bonus feat
                       at 1st level. This ability replaces bardic knowledge.

     Distraction (Su): You can use your performance to counter magic effects
                       that depend on sight. Each round of the distraction,
                       make a Perform (act, comedy, dance, or oratory) skill
                       check. Any creature within 30 feet (including yourself)
                       that is affected by an illusion (pattern) or illusion
                       (figment) magical attack may use your Perform check
                       result in place of its saving throw if, after the
                       saving throw is rolled, the Perform skill check proves
                       to be higher. If a creature within range of the 
                       distraction is already under the effect of a
                       noninstantaneous illusion (pattern) or illusion
                       (figment) magical attack, it gains another saving
                       throw against the effect each round it sees the 
                       distraction, but it must use your Perform skill check
                       result for the save. Distraction does not work on
                       effects that don't allow saves. Distraction relies on
                       visual components. 

       Fascinate (Su): You can use your performance to cause up to 1 creatures
                       to become fascinated with you. Each creature to be
                       fascinated must be within 90 feet, able to see and
                       hear you, and capable of paying attention to you. You
                       must also be able to see the creatures affected. The
                       distraction of a nearby combat or other dangers 
                       prevents this ability from working. Each creature
                       within range receives a Will save (DC 14) to negate 
                       the effect. If a creature's saving throw succeeds, you
                       cannot attempt to fascinate that creature again for
                       24 hours. If its saving throw fails, the creature sits
                       quietly and observes your performance for as long as
                       you continue to maintain it. While fascinated, a target
                       takes a -4 penalty on all skill checks made as 
                       reactions, such as Perception checks. Any potential
                       threat to the target allows the target to make a new
                       saving throw against the effect. Any obvious threat,
                       such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or
                       aiming a weapon at the target, automatically breaks the
                       effect. Fascinate is an enchantment (compulsion), 
                       mind-affecting ability. Fascinate relies on audible
                       and visual components in order to function. 

 Inspire Courage (Su): You can use your performance to inspire courage in 
                       your allies (including yourself), bolstering them 
                       against fear and improving their combat abilities. 
                       To be affected, an ally must be able to perceive your
                       performance. An affected ally receives a +1 morale 
                       bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects
                       and a +1 competence bonus on attack and weapon damage
                       rolls. Inspire courage is a mind-affecting ability.
                       Inspire courage can use audible or visual components.
                       The bard must choose which component to use when
                       starting his performance. 

    Rallying Cry (Su): At 1st level, an arcane duelist can use performance
                       to rally dispirited allies. Each round he makes an
                       Intimidate check. Any ally (including the bard) 
                       within 30 feet may use this check in place of his 
                       own saving throw against fear and despair effects.
                       Those already under a fear or despair effect can
                       attempt a new save each round using the bard's
                       Intimidate check. Rallying cry does not work on 
                       effects that don't allow saves. This is a 
                       mind-affecting ability that uses audible components.
                       This performance replaces countersong.


    Combat Expertise: You can choose to take a –1 penalty on melee attack rolls
          (1st Lvl)   and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 dodge bonus to
                      your Armor Class. When your base attack bonus reaches +4,
                      and every +4 thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and
                      the dodge bonus increases by +1. You can only choose to
                      use this feat when you declare that you are making an
                      attack or a full-attack action with a melee weapon. The
                      effects of this feat last until your next turn.

       Improved Trip: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when 
 (Human Bonus Feat)   performing a trip combat maneuver. In addition, you 
                      receive a +2 bonus on checks made to trip a foe. You 
                      also receive a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense
                      whenever an opponent tries to trip you. 

       Arcane Strike: As a swift action, you can imbue your weapons with a 
  (Arcane Duelist     fraction of your power. For 1 round, your weapons deal
   Archetype bonus 1) +1 damage and are treated as magic for the purpose of
                      overcoming damage reduction. For every five caster
                      levels you possess, this bonus increases by +1, to a
                      maximum of +5 at 20th level.

      Combat Casting: You get a +4 bonus on concentration checks made to cast
  (Archetype Bonus 2) a spell or use a spell-like ability when casting on the 
                      defensive or while grappled.


Charming (Social): Blessed with good looks, you've come to depend on the fact 
                   that others find you attractive. You gain a +1 trait bonus 
                   when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is 
                   (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait 
                   bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you 
                   cast on such characters or creatures. 

Focused Mind (Magic): You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.


  • Please specify the nature of Miscellaneous or Special Adjustments.
  • Skills with a blank 'Total' may not be used untrained.
Skill Points Total: 16 
[Base (6) + INT (1)/Level; FC (00), Misc (Human-Skilled) (1)] (Bard)

Skills                Total     Rank     CS   Ability  ACP  Misc
Acrobatics              -1       0       *       1     -1   +0
Appraise                 1       0       *       1          +0
Bluff                    9/10^   2       3       4          +1 (Trait^)
Climb                    1       0       *       2     -1   +0
Craft (       )          1       0       *       1          +0
Diplomacy                9/10^   2       3       4          +1 (Trait^)
Disable Device           0       0       0       1     -1   +0
Disguise                 4       0       *       4          +0
Escape Artist            0       0       *       1     -1   +0
Fly                      0       0       0       1     -1   +0
Handle Animal           -1       0       0      -1          +0
Heal                    -1       0       0      -1          +0
Intimidate               9       2       3       4          +0
Knowledge (Arcana)               0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Dngnrng)              0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Engnrng)              0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Geography)            0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (History)              0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Local)                0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Nature)               0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Nobility)             0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Planes)               0       *       1          +0
Knowledge (Religion)             0       *       1          +0
Linguistics              6       2       3       1          +0
Perception              -1       0       *      -1          +0
Perform    (Act)         9       2       3       4          +0
Perform    (Sing)        9       2       3       4          +0
Profession (       )    -1       0       *      -1          +0
Ride                     0       0       0       1     -1   +0
Sense Motive            -1       0       *      -1          +0
Sleight of Hand          0       0       *       1     -1   +0
Spellcraft               6       2       3       1          +0
Stealth                  0       0       *       1     -1   +0
Survival                -1       0       0      -1          +0
Swim                     1       0       0       2     -1   +0
Use Magic Device         9       2       3       4          +0

* = Class skills without a rank yet.
^ = Conditional +1, applies if target is or could be sexually attracted
    to Reianne.

Spell Lists (Known)Edit

 Concentration checks +14 = [Caster level (2) + CHA (4) + Combat Casting (4)
                             + Focused Mind Trait (2)]
   Level 0                       Level 1                        
 * Daze  (DC 14)(FC Bonus 1)   * Charm Person  (DC 15/16)
 * Detect Magic                * Ear-Piercing Scream (DC 15)              
 * Drench                      * Sleep (DC 15)
 * Jolt (DC 14)
 * Lullaby  (DC 14/15)
 * Mending
 * Read Magic (FC Bonus 2)


Equipment                             Cost     Weight
Explorer's Outfit                      --   gp   --   lb
Mithral Chain Shirt                 1,100   gp   12.5 lb
Buckler                                 5   gp    5   lb
Masterwork Cold Iron Scorpion Whip    310   gp    3   lb
Masterwork Longsword                  315   gp    4   lb
Dagger (2)                              4   gp    2   lb
Prism Ioun Torch (Orbiting Head)       75   gp   --   lb
Spell Component Pouch                   5   gp    2   lb
Smoked Goggles (Worn around neck)      10   gp   --   lb
Masterwork Backpack                    50   gp    4   lb
  Alchemist's Fire (5)                100   gp    5   lb
  Bedroll                                .1 gp    5   lb
  Flint and Steel                       1   gp   --   lb
  5 days Trail Rations                  2.5 gp    5   lb
  50' Silk Rope                        10   gp    5   lb
  Sunrods (4)                           8   gp    4   lb
  Cooking Kit                           1   gp    2   lb
  Waterskin                             1   gp    4   lb
Belt Pouch (Coin Storage)               1   gp     .5 lb    
                                  =========     =====
             Carried Totals:        1,693.6 gp   63.0 lb
          Light encumbrance
            Light  Medium   Heavy    
Max Weight: 0-58   59–116   117–175
Max Weight: 0-66   67–133   134–200 (When carrying Masterwork Backpack)
Equipment Stored at Reianne's Home
purchase of a small home                100 gp     2  tons
Morningstar                               8 gp     6  lb
                 Total stored at home:  108 gp                          

Consumables used or destroyed
Sunrod(1)                                 2 gp
Alchemist's Fire (2)                     40 gp
            Total used on consumables:   42 gp


Reianne has a small home a few blocks away from her family's theater in the
Inculdine district. A modest place, it mainly serves as her place to hide out
when she isn't socializing with her family or performing somewhere. Upon walking
in there is a small common room with a small bookshelf, a few chairs and a 
table that was already covered in playbills from the theater. Beyond that there
is a stairway that leads up to a bedroom that was nicely appointed. Large bed, 
large wardrobe of clothing, and a window with a beautiful view of the city. In
addition, there was also some storage closets, that Reianne was putting to use
with knick knacks she had acquired over time and spare gear. Downstairs next 
to the stairs, was the kitchen and pantry area which due to her family nearby
and her general tendency to eat wherever she performs makes it likely to 
gather dust until she has company arrive.   

(Current Living Quarters, Small Home 100gp)
Stored at home, Morningstar


PP: 16                           Initial character creation:     150    gp
GP: 34                     Earned on Rescue at Boar's Ridge:   2,193.85 gp
SP: 12                                                       ==========
CP: 05                                Total career earnings:   2,343.85 gp
                                          Carried Inventory:  -2,003.60 gp
                                             Stored at home:    -108.00 gp
                        Total Consumables used or destroyed:     -42.00 gp
                                                    Coinage:     500.25 gp
--- (rough history)
150 gp initial,
100 gp payment for job at Boar's Ridge,
1,778.85 GP + mw longsword received from Rescue at Boar's Ridge
1,310 GP spent at Mystic Pearl 
310 GP spent again at Mystic Pearl


      Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
       Age: 19 
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Red
 Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White 
Appearance: Whether onstage singing an aria, or acting in one of Venza's 
            latest plays, Reinanne curvy body and long red hair never fail
            to garner the audience's attention. (Often to many spouse's 
            dismay!) Reianne is always dressed in such a way to show off 
            her body to draw attention to herself even if it is slightly
            impractical for adventuring. She always wears a long red cape
            given to her by her mother when she was 16.
  Demeanor: Reianne is friendly, outgoing and a pleasant conversationalist.
            Having been raised in a theatrical family, she is quite good at
            socializing and mingling with people of all walks of life. She 
            is very curious but quite naive about the world, having never 
            been outside the city of Venza in her life. She bases a lot of 
            her worldview about life based on plays and stories.


Born sixth of eight children, and the third of three daughters into the moderately successful Estril theatre family. Reianne was groomed from an early age to be a part of the theatre company, be it constant singing lessons or practice acting for parts in plays as she grew up. Growing up in the theatre Reianne, learned from her family how to present herself correctly at all times with patrons, whether that was pretending to listen intently to a braggart's stories, or encouraging shy patrons to interact with the performers when needed. As she had the talent she also was taught some basic magic that would be useful in the family's work, such as putting out fires or bewitching unruly patrons into leaving. (Sometimes after a small donation to the theatre)

Reianne herself grew up not knowing much about the world outside the city of Venza, knowing only what she gleaned from stories, plays and tales from traveler's. Though her family lived in the Incudine district, as she got into her teenage years, she often would head to Báyanmaliít and listen to stories from the gnomes and halflings of the district. When she got a little older, her aunt Vara began to train her in self defense techniques, and how to use weapons and armor as more than more than just stage props. Vara had been an adventurer in her youth, and knew that Reianne longed to travel the roads as she once did. It wasn't long under her tutelage that Reianne made the decision to leave her family's business behind, and travel the world seeking new stories and experiences.

Adventure LogEdit

Rescue at Boar's Ridge (March 22, 2012 - July 16, 2012)
      XP Received: 2,054 XP  
Treasure Received: 2,193.85 GP 
            Taken as 1,878.85 in coin and a masterwork Longsword (315 gp)

Reianne's introduction to the world of adventuring. She met some new friends,
(Ru Brike, Lem the Cook, Mesem Adrarda, Menik, Dolgrin Truddiggun and
Galandra Beiryn) left Venza for the first time, helped defeat a necromancer
and rescue their quarry. And a goblin that they had taken captive and 
interrogated seemed to have taken more than a passing interest in her. Maybe
it was her looks, maybe it was a lingering bit from the charm spell, but she
had definitely gained an admirer. He had left her an invitation on the way
back to Venza when he escaped that she didn't follow up on, but wonders if
she should have...

Ogre in the Rushes (August 4th - Sept 14th, 2012)
       XP Received: 662 XP  
 Treasure Received: 728.66 GP 

Level UpsEdit

       Level 2: June 27th, 2012
         Class: Bard
           BAB: +0 to +1
          Fort: +0 to +0
           Ref: +2 to +3
          Will: +2 to +3
          Feat: Combat Casting
 Favored Class: additional spell, Read Magic
 Spells Gained: Jolt, Read Magic (FC Bonus), Ear Piercing Scream
      Features: Bonus Feat (Arcane Duelist Archetype Bonus Feat)
            HP: 9 +7 (Max -2, +1 Con) = 16 (New Total)
     Skill Pts: +8 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +1 (Int) +8 (Old) = 16 (New Total) 
                 Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Linguistics, Perform (Act),
                 Perform (Sing), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device. 
                 New Language added from Linguistics Rank, Draconic. 

Level 2 to Level 3 Next, and so on . . .


  • Approval (03/27/2012) (Mowgli) Level 1
  • Approval (3/30/2012) (jkason) Level 1
  • Approval (6/28/2012) (Satin Knights) Level 2

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