Low class district

Ranocchio is the slum district of Venza. Its buildings are broken down by rot and mold sinking into muck, water black and stinking with sewage and dead fish and worse, filled with bravos and whores and anyone who doesn't have the strength to claw their way to anywhere else. It is poor, ill-kept, and in a constant state of collapse. Many houses, particularly those around the periphery of the district, are built on timber pilings that elevate the ramshackle wooden buildings above the waterline. What walkways as exist in Ranocchio are rough, narrow planks that give the district its nickname of 'Planks'. Many of the volatile young men, meeting one another on the narrow walkways, will duel for right of passage across the planks. It is considered weakness to back down before blood has been shed. The bravos of Ranocchio frequently take their brawling into other districts of the city; they take great offense at the common epithet for a resident of Ranocchio, ‘little frog’, and easily exchange violence for perceived insult.

People and SitesEdit

  • Temple of Hinotheus - A squat, gray stone tower with the symbol of a wolf head engulfed in flames over the double wooden door sits sentinel at the corner of a tiny, but surprisingly well-kept for Ranocchio, plaza. The interior of the temple is lit by torches.
    • Marius[1] - priest
  • Gangs - Ranocchio's gangs are plentiful and filled with disaffected youth and criminals.
    • Krakens[2] - mixed up in the drug trade and prostitution, Krakens formerly spent time at the Fair Lass brothel but have since taken their revelries to the Three Ladies.
  • Fair Lass brothel[3] - squalid and dilapidated, the Fair Lass, once the most well-known brothel in Ranocchio, has taken a down turn after a recent raid by the White Cloaks and the loss of their largest clientel to rival brothel, the Three Ladies.
    • Bonita - Bonita is a large, haggard woman. Her hair is a mix of brown and gray, frizzing out in all directions. Her eyes are blue, almost too blue. She wears a large, tattered, frilled corset, barely able to keep her even larger girth in one place, folds of flesh oozing from the sides of and holes in the corset like rising bread.

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