Badger Lord


Titles The Wandering Moon, The Badger Knight
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Gnomes, Moon, Defense of the Others
Worshipers Gnomes, the Wardens
Cleric Alignments
Domains Glory, Good, Liberation, Protection, Travel
Favored Weapon Battleaxe
Symbol Silver Crescent Moon
Ral holy symbol

Of the faithful, and under the aspect of the moon, I seek to protect and offer those oppressed, Freedom.
-- Zelena Andu, priestess of the Wandering Moon

Ral is the consort of Annaya and defender of her chosen people, the gnomes, and patron of the Wardens. He advocates the defense of the weak, the support of the oppressed and the freeing of the enslaved. He encourages his chosen to travel to accomplish these deeds and rewards them with glory.



Appearance and EmissariesEdit

Ral often appears as a smaller than normal badger, light grey in color with a black stripe down the length of his back.

Church of RalEdit

Worshipers and ClergyEdit

Ral's clerics are often wanderers that roam wherever the moon might lead them, but are always ready to protect gnomes in need. They protect those that cannot protect themselves and fight for freedoms wherever they might be.

Clerical Vestments: Martial clerics of Ral tend to wear dark clothing with silver etching and adorned with a silvery quarter moon [1]. Cloistered clerics tend to favor grey robes with a black stripe running down the center.

Notable WorshipersEdit

Zelena Andu, traveling priestess of Ral.

Temples, Shrines and Holy SitesEdit

Holy TextsEdit



The Wardens

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