Rahor lg
Race/Species Elf
Class Ranger
Gender Male
Homeland Jirago
Deity The Hunter in the Darkness
Organization Clan Gregga, King's Crew

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Beg if you likes. This will not making you less deads.

Rahor hails from Jirago, and was born into the Gregga Clan, which is generally considered untrustworthy and shiftless among the other tribes of that nation. In the last Grand Clansmeet, Rahor competed for the honor of taking the name 'Daylily,' but was bested by a member of the Falshenaya clan. Embittered by his defeat, Rahor chose to go on walkabout to the west, where he eventually arrived in the town of Gandling and fell in with King's Crew.

Rahor is utterly loyal to Reginald King. He also despises Sugar Sweet and makes no secret of it.

He bears a number of tribal tattoos, and is a master of the javelin.  He is never without two or three dozen of the weapons close to hand.

He was last seen in mortal combat with Sugar Sweet. The outcome of that battle is unknown.

First Appearance: Recruiting in the Dunn Wright Inn for Evil Unto Evil, alongside Sugar Sweet.

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