ElfM Harran175
Race/Species Elf
Gender Male
Homeland Harran Forest
Deity Verdant Prince
Organization The Thorn
Companion(s) Half-Elven Archers

Harran hounds Animal HarranHound175

NPC usage: Open to GMs

This is not a human matter, their laws hold no sway in this, nor could they conceive of the importance that this relic has to my lord.

Raellynn is an elf of the Harran Forest and a member of a Harran hunting pack. Fey ancestry allows Raellyn to change shape into that of a hunting hound. He bears the rose and bramble tattoo of the Thorn on his arm. During his mission to acquire the Heart of the Lady of Lake Laguna his path crossed that of Arradon Delgaran, Autumn Foxfire, Levanna, Rak'tan Veragni, and Zinnelis Laediril. His pack was slain and while he escaped relatively unscathed he holds those adventurers as sworn enemies.

Raellynn was last seen north of Venza near the village of Boredton and Lake Laguna.

First Appearance:
Memories of the Past hunting Etan Greenwing for the Heart of the Lady of Lake Laguna.

Subsequent Appearances:
None yet.

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