Phineas Renlow
Phineas Renlow
Titles Captain
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Homeland Copperhead, Seithr Mountains

NPC usage: Open to GMs

My kin are all ... burly sods whose idea of a perfect day is striking a gold vein, buying a mass of ale, and bedding all the lasses the gold and ale might impress. But some of us are born to a different life.

Phineas Renlow is a dwarven barge captain, hauling cargo wide distances across the eastern contintent on his sailing barge, The Downpour. His known routes stretch from the mighty Ouhm River all the way up the Orino River and into Venza.

Lanky for a dwarf, Renlow was born to a large mining family in the town of Copperhead, but didn’t take after the rest of his kin, with the exception of his sister Varga, who left not long after he did. Where the Renlow clan burrowed for metals, Renlow craved open water. Where they guzzled any ale and charred meat they could afford, he learned to cook meals both simple and exotic. And where they preferred to share their beds with buxom women, Renlow prefers the occasional brawny man, instead.

The latter quality came in quite handy when he made the acquaintance of the nereid Allebasi upon discovering the secret transportation gate she guarded. His preferences make him immune to the water fey’s supernatural powers of seduction, and thus saved him from her predations. Better, having fascinated Allebasi as an “anomaly,” Renlow has developed a friendship with the nereid, who allows him the occasional use of her gate to cut short the months-long trip upriver from Venza to the Ouhm.

Captain Renlow’s only crew is the Jiragan half-elf Nevilantura. Renlow also appears to have a friendly acquaintance with the White Cloak Galen Parsons, having recently done him a favor in transporting a quartet of adventurers from Venza down to Martna on the Ouhm river. He was last seen leaving Martna to head North again, a captive halfling pirate in his secret hold meant to be offered up to Allebasi as a gift from the adventurers, whose mission required subterfuge which would be compromised by their dealing with the pirate themselves.

Phineas Renlow is the brother of dockworker Varga Renlow, both of whom found life in the mountains not to their liking. Neither of them speak of their grandfather, a traditionalist by the name of Morgrimm Renlow.

The Downpour

Renlow’s sailing barge is fairly unassuming. A rectangular barge, 60 feet long and 20 feet wide, it's clearly been around a while, but it's well-kept despite its age. There's little to see on the deck other than the railings, the wheel, and the ladder-stair down to the crew quarters and cargo hold. Said crew quarters holds six cots, a simple stove, and a sizable pantry usually stocked for the long cargo hauls Renlow contracts for.

In addition to the regular cargo hold, The Downpour also has a much smaller ‘secret hold,’ which Renlow uses for more questionable cargo.

First Appearance: Distant Relations, Offering The Downpour to transport PCs

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