Phedilo Crea
Race/Species Halfling
Gender Male
Homeland Venza

Phedilo Crea is a researcher, collector, and purveyor of rare and unusual magical items. He runs the aptly-titled shop "Antiques & Artifacts," located in Venza's Arcane Row. Phedilo displays an academic's fixation on his aforementioned subject of interest, apparently to the exclusion of much else (such as, say, common sense or empathy). Despite his natural skittishness and tendency to worry, however, he is generally well-meaning.

One of Phedilo's principle research interests seems to be the wizard Endrerdne, who purportedly created a series of spheres which link to other planes of E'n.1

First Appearance:

  • Uncertain Whereabouts: Phedilo was rescued from the Ears of the Whisperer , which had kidnapped him in order to make use of his expertise on magical items.2

Subsequent Appearances:

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