Peurligh Kelnin
Titles Lieutenant, Venzan Guard
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization White Cloaks

NPC usage: Open to GMs

I am here, not on official city business, so scoundrels need not fear me... for now.

Peurligh Kelnin is a career lieutenant in the Venzan City Guard and wears the tell-tale white cloak and enameled breastplate. He is middle-aged with greying hair close-cropped as is common amongst the guardsmen.

Kelnin's wife, Elaine, is from the small village of Capoe.

First appearance: Posting notice of a hunt and recruiting adventurers in the Dunn Wright Inn to find his missing brother-in-law, Malcolm.

Subsequent appearances:

  • None yet.

Speech Text: Lime

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