Titles Lord of Laughter
Portfolio Laughter, Music, Love
Domains Charm, Community, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapon Warhammer
Symbol A laughing mask - usually silver

Penk is a joyful god who revels in laughter, music, and love. He is a firm believer in pricking the egos of the pompous and this often gets him, and his followers, into trouble. Above all Penk hates boredom and seeks to destroy it wherever he can.

Doctrine for followers of Penk is simple: have fun, do interesting things and never let a joke go unspoken - no matter how bad it might be! Most of Penk's worshipers tend to be rather casual, but being a Penkian is so much fun they have little trouble gaining converts...

Penk is worshiped throughout the Landadel Baronies.