Several generations ago, when the village of Poisson was at most a couple of fishing huts huddled at the base of the cliff, Old Greybeard, a nasty dwarf with a reputation for dealing with the devil, terrorized the high seas. As he grew older, he started to look for a place to settle down, retire, and found a pirate settlement where young buccaneers could find training and safe haven, or so he claimed. Most believed he sought a place to more comfortably cavort with the devils. In any case, he settled upon this plateau, and not wanting to tip off the few local fisherman before they could warn the navy, he chose to create a "backdoor" so to speak. The work was hard, and it took all his efforts to keep his men in line as they first found a promising cave comparatively near the base of the cliff and than started to work their way up. Finally, though, he pushed his men too far, and the majority of them mutinied, leaving him and his few supporters for dead in the cave. What happened to them after that, no one knows for certain. Some say that the surviving pirates, Greybeard not among them, chose to forsake their past life and became some of the first settlers of Poisson; other stories are far more colorful and imaginative. Aside from the fact that Greybeard was never seen again, it's all speculation. There are stories of pirates over the years trying to relocate the cave and the rumored treasure left behind in the haste of the mutineer's departure. As happens with all such stories, curses of various kinds have been attributed to the lack of success in that department. Recently, incomplete tunnels near Poisson were discovered that held a couple of treasure filled chests near the top of them; many believe these are probably all that remains of Old Greybeard, but that doesn't stop the conversations or the speculation that there may be other treasure hidden elsewhere.

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