Niam Caan
Niam Caan
Titles (former) Game Warden
Race/Species Human
Class Ranger
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization (former) House Gabbiano

NPC usage: Open to GMs

I had a great little scam going on here [...] and I could have kept on with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling adventurers and your talking fish.

Niam Caan is a tall, athletic human. Originally employed by House Gabbiano as warden of their game preserve, he was known to prey upon the appetites of Carnemorto Gabbiano, until the young noble owed him a rather sizable debt. To pay this, Carnemorto stole a family artifact: an epic-level Shrinking Wand, and the coded note which revealed its activation word ("Hogwash").

Niam was released from the service of House Gabbiano when the house fell into decline. Unsatisfied with his severance package, he embarked on a scheme to make use of the wand, which he could occasionally manage to activate. Shrinking his own modest home and moving it to various small plots of land, he sold the house to peasants, then later used the wand to steal back the house, moving it to a new location to sell again.

Caan ran afoul of a party of adventurers when one of his victims, Dane Ryall, convinced them to help him find "his house." Caan had just reclaimed the house from a second victim, Roug, when the party arrived. In an effort to cover his tracks, Caan sent various of his trained animals against them, trying to remove all proof of his involvement as easily as his ranger's skills erased his footprints in the forest. And, when Ryall and Roug separated from the adventurers to attempt to run for safety, Caan used two wolves to slaughter them.

Eventually the adventurers tracked Caan down at his original location, and after killing his personal wolfhounds, placed a sleeping charm on him. He woke bound and surrounded by Venzan guards, his former employer having reclaimed the lost artifact.

Caan was last seen being taken into Venza to stand trial for his crimes, though he vowed that he wasn't yet done for.

First appearance: Ryall's Estate; attempting to kill PC's and / or escape custody.

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