Aliases Nevil
Race/Species Half-Elf
Gender Male
Homeland Jirago

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Ashamed, am I, to be a coward back home with so manys warriors.

Nevilantura (also known as “Nevil”) is a half-elven immigrant from Jirago. Born to a tribe of warriors, Nevil was nothing of the sort. He does not speak of specifics, but he has admitted that he left his homeland in shame, branded as a coward. Out of place and with few prospects, he hitched his fate on a pilgrimage to the East, where he hoped to start again. He has fallen into the employ of Captain Phineas Renlow, and makes his living as the sole deckhand of Renlow’s ship, The Downpour.

As with other Jiragans, Nevil’s sense of cleanliness and ‘civil society’ is generally lacking. The odor of his unwashed, poorly-repaired clothing is strong and constant, and his culinary tastes are decidedly unrefined. The only possession he had which appeared to have traditional value was a curative wand he says was a gift from his tribe’s shaman. Unable to operate the magical item, he gifted it to an adventurer who used it to heal Nevil’s wounds after an electric eel attack.

Nevil has a poor command of the Common tongue, though he is fluent in both Elven and Sylvan.

First Appearance: Distant Relations, loading The Downpour for the PCs

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