Mael Loïc
Gender Male
Organization Cult of Saint Ulthar; Merchants Guild of Venza

"I am one of Saint Ulthar's few remaining faithful. Over the years, much knowledge has been lost. Too much knowledge."

Mael Loïc is an aged human minor merchant prince and one of the few remaining adherents to the dwindling cult of St. Ulthar. He is a remarkably fat human with thinning black hair, runny blue eyes, and flabby lips. He wears a grease-stained sleeping robe, the material of which strains to contain his pale, fleshy abdomen.

The Loïc offices are in Gulls within a well-built, three-story structure of rock, mortar, and wood. The shingle hanging above the stout front door depicts a simple fishing boat with a lantern attached to its prow

The entry room is sumptuously furnished, or so it appears at first glance. Other glances, however, reveal that the once lavish furnishings have seen better days. The thick rug is threadbare in places and faded. The tapestries have moth-eaten holes in them. A faint, moist, and musty odor hangs in the air.

A sleepy chainshirt-clad guard leans against the wall in the corner opposite the door. His tabard bears the same blazon as on the Loïc shingle outside.

There are two other doors exiting the entry chamber, both closed. One is obviously locked. The prodigious metal lock holding the portal shut looks to be the newest item in the room. The other door is closed, and it has a shuttered window at about shoulder height.

A small, tidy desk sits in front of this latter door. A small half-orc, also tidy except for his ink-stained fingers, sits in the high-backed chair behind the desk. His squarish hat and tasseled vest announce his profession as bookkeeper.

Mael Loïc's office is on the other side of the door: it is a round chamber with a sunken floor. The furnishings here are even more luxurious, or at least they would be if not for the tatters, the worn spots, the ranker odor, and even a few dark patches of mold growing on the walls.

The ceiling overhead vaults into a dome crisscrossed by a veritable maze of rusty iron rods. Dozens of crows perch on the rods, hopping and flapping and squawking. Feathers and bird droppings add to the decor.

First appearance: The Loïc Offices within Gulls.

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