Titles Priestess of Skith
Race/Species Orc
Gender Female
Homeland Unknown
Companion(s) Abzienta

First we have some fun. Don't worry, I'll be gentle.... No, I don't like gentle. But I know healing magic for afterward.

Kazzag is large, muscular, and green, like most orcs. However, she very much prides herself on her appearance and attempts to display herself in the most attractive way possible, with long, black, slick hair, and tight, revealing leather armor. As a priestess of Skith, she is dedicated to the cause of seduction and avarice, and viewed Abzienta as her role model.

Kazzag presents herself in an extremely lustful and violent manner, flirting with men as she attacks them. She will take time to savor the taste of a man's blood on her axe, offer her services for all manner of devious tortures, and promising untold pleasure and suffering to anything male she captures.

Working with Abzienta, she was captured while her companion escaped. She has since been imprisoned in the Tower of Chains, where her captors are disturbed by her moans.

First appearance: the Green Faerie; as antagonist.

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