Region The Great Delta,

Ouhm River

Demographics Lizardfolk, Human,

Halfling, Other

Leader Istawuuhl & Puyuyan

(bronze dragons)

The first thing that one sees when approaching K'issp from the sea is the great, four-sided, stone pyramid, the seat of rule of the bronze dragons Istawuuhl and Puyuyan, as it rises at the confluence of land, sea, and river. The pyramid seems to be built of large blocks of coral and decorated with a multitude of carvings of native creatures. Stretching out from either side of the pyramid are two arms of the coral island that forms a crescent and shelters a deep harbor and holds a dense tangle of houses and huts. This harbor is the main stopping point for sea traffic; it is here that cargo is transported off the deep keeled ocean-going vessels and transferred over to keelboats and flat-bottomed barges to be moved through the myriad waterways of the Delta upriver. Behind the crescent silt has built up into small islands covered in tall grass and with huts and houses, in many cases elevated on stilts, stretching back toward the mainland.

The lizardfolk of K'issp have little interest in the minutiae of running a port and allow representatives of the Ouhm River Trading Guild to organize the coming and going of ships and the collecting of taxes for a small percentage.

Notable Locations and ResidentsEdit

Captain Lotti of the Eel of K'issp
Talus Peddleport of the Ouhm River Trading Guild

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