Titles Dark Lady of the Forest (informal)
Alignment CG
Race/Species Dark Elf
Class Ranger
Gender Female
Homeland The Underdark

NPC usage: Open for GMs

Johysis was originally part of a small band of Dark Elf mercenaries that was all but eliminated at the hands of adventurers. Now lives in the woods between Tritower and Venza, eking out a meager life. She speaks no common (but understands Elven, albeit speaking in a highly accented way.) She is treated with distrust and curiosity by the local folk in the surrounding villages. In turn, her words and actions illustrate she distrusts and fears most surface dwellers in general and adventurers even moreso. Despite this, Johysis has built bonds of trust with Two-Tails of Tritower and the head priestess at the Shrine of Thalina. (Note: Johysis carries a bow with a Thalina rune on it.) She gathers herbs to trade to the Thalina clergy, then uses the money and any animal furs she can catch to trade for what she needs from Two-Tails.

First Appearance (unnamed):

  • The Road to Tritower: Johysis and two fellow mercenaries are hired to steal valuable alchemical goods from a caravan. The caravan guards turn out to be hired adventurers, and kill her comrades while wounding and capturing Johysis. She is interrogated, an experience she will not soon forget. Eventually she is released, and left alone in the wilds.1.

Second Appearance (named):

  • Perception is Reality: Johysis is caught observing the heroes from a distance. After subduing her, they discover she turns out to have some information about what has happened in Tritower. The confrontation ends in a mutually beneficial exchange of goods and information.2.

Speech: italic

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