Founders and past masters of the Silver Road, time and family squabbles have seriously weakened this once mighty merchant family.

Several generations past, Andrew Johnson, a struggling merchant in the town of Gist, decided to risk his capital on what everyone swore was a crazy venture. He decided to try to link Gist, the wealthy mining districts in the northern baronies just to the west, and Venza on a single trade route. Though it was a struggle at times, he was ultimately successful, and the Silver Road was born. His childred were each assigned to look over a section of the road, and everything went well until his death. His children were able to keep it going, but it was clear that without a firm had to guide them that success would be shortlived. Somehow, the dynasty kept going until it was almost time for the grandchildren to take over, and the road was dealt a deathblow; the once rich mines ran dry, and family tensions were too high to find new sources of wealth to keep it going.

Now, even the grandchildren are almost due to leave this world, and the future is murkier than ever for this family. The Venzan link has been sold after Thomas, the grandson charged with maintaining it, abandoned it and let it languish for 25 years. The Tritower estate still remains strong with Samuel, the grandchild who inherited that estate, finding a way to take advantage of the local trade and train his own son, Nathaniel, who aims to keep the story alive with the help of his fiance, Natalie. They are working actively with the Savi brothers, and other merchants along the road, in Venza, and their relatives in Gist to keep thier slice of family history intact and vibrant. The Gist branch is still present, but is currently struggling to regain prominence after an inheritance argument left it much weakened. The branches that were set up to span the gap between Tritower and Gist have faded, due to family fights and other problems, though some of them are currently working with Lord Maskon in the Barony of the Lost Hills in an effort to reclaim at least a piece of their heritage.

Samuel, Thomas, and Nathaniel all play important parts in the later parts of "Expansion."

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