Aliases Jay Cus
Titles stable hand
Alignment NG
Race/Species Human
Class druid
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization The Grand Stable of Venza
Born 35 years ago

NPC usage: Open for GMs or players

The exit to the main road is at the far east end, through the stables.

One of the senior stable hands at the Grand Stable of Venza, Jacus is the one who does most of the day to day business with people wanting to rent horses or other mounts for the week. He also offers permanent stabling services for the mounts of residents in the city. He works at the West Gateway. While he is only middle management, he is the face that most city folk see.

Jacus has a sore spot for anyone who mispronounces his name, or worse, slides into a slur of it.

Newbies to the stables get a stern warning about how the mounts will come back safe and sound and on time or the resident mage will be hunting down carcasses; not necessarily of the mounts. Then he sends them off in an unguided tour through the Grand Stable to the East Gateway.

First Appearance:

  • Rescue at Boar's Ridge: Cratchen rents some horses for the the party he hired to rescue his cat.1

Subsequent Appearances:

​The Forbidden Isle of Ancient Secrets: The stranger comes to his old friend Jaycus to rent horses for a fast ride back to his village to save his wife. 2

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