Craftsmen district (Draft Horse and Anvil)

Originally the workplace of the first smiths, the Anvil is now one of the oldest and proudest district in Venza. It is the place that led to the rise of the guilds, the working heart of the city, the site of all guildhalls that matter, the place where real work is being done. Here, by the side of winding wateralleys, smoke rises from smithies and glassforges without number, intricate cabinets are wrought from pale local woods and tinkling hammers turn golden ingots into flowing jewelry. In every street, masons and potters and sculptors and wood-wrights and painters and tanners proudly hang their best wares above the gates of their workshops, inviting the crowds to come in past the lucky glass chimes and feel the quality with their own two hands. Incudine is the place to come to if you want to buy local goods, negotiate commercial deals or even enter into the apprenticeship of your life.

  • The Cathedral of Glass, triumph of the artisans art and spiritual center of the district, towers majestically along one side of the Benedetto piazza and over all this commercial hubbub. Made entirely of transparent glasssteel, the cathedral's holiest of sculptures and subtlest of decorations can often only be seen from certain angles or at certain times of the day, when the light hits them just right. At night, the cathedral glows from within with the light of a thousand candle, each one symbolizing a major donation by guild, district or certain influential individuals (ask the the porters where you can find the Matron of Flames; she can tell you the story behind each one). Most importantly, a colossal statue of the Lady herself, Cortesia, the Bright Lady, sits on a gigantic chair set at the head of the main nave her Hound at her feet. Slightly smaller statues of the Twins, brothers in Knowledge and Crafts, sit looking kindly at each other from either end of the transept.
  • Benedetto piazza, also known as the Grand Piazza (although not located on the Grand Canal), is the largest open air public ground in the city and a usual gathering spot for amateur actors wanting to try their trade, street performers, criers, activists of all sorts and an always present crowd of the curious looking for a distraction (salesmen are not permitted on the piazza, on pain of annoying the Gods). The piazza faces the White Cloak headquarters in Twin Rose across the wide Brothers canal. There is always a brace or three of them on the piazza proper.

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