Inar Parsons
Inar Parsons
Race/Species Human
Class Ranger
Gender Male
Homeland Venza

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Who's up for a really, really big bonfire?

Inar Parsons is a robust man who wears green and brown leathers, a large bearskin cloak, and whose preferred weapon is the longbow. His straightforward and direct manner, especially in combination with his woodsy-wild attire, sometimes leaves him seeming gruff as a result. Not that he really minds this.

Cousin to the Venzan White Cloak Galen Parsons, Inar serves the law as a ranger headquartered in the Ouhm River city of Martna. He has built up a fairly extensive network of contacts within and around the city, including in the upper levels of the local government. He often uses The Hidden Clearing feast hall as a base of operations of sorts, being especially partial to a spot near the back of the hall with unique acoustical properties which discourage eavesdropping.

Most recently, Inar spearheaded an initiative to uncover the illegal activities of the quickly-expanding Cult of Owbej, which made its home in his home city. Inar’s usual straightforward assaults on the honor of the cult proved ineffective when upper eschelon governmental figures came to their aid. His own operatives exposed and unable to gain entry, Inar called on his cousin in Venza to recruit fresh faces for an infiltration mission.

First Appearance: Distant Relations, bringing PC’s in on his plan to infiltrate and take down the cult of Obwej.

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