Region The Great Delta,

Ouhm River

Demographics Lizardfolk, Human,

Halfling, Other

Leader Brestuloper

(bronze dragon)

Hruthrip lies near the center of the Great Delta and is a harsher place than the cities at the far ends of the Delta. Here, the swamps press in close to the city bringing with it more dangerous creatures. The city is the only one with walls, formed of both stone and wood with tall towers to see over the tops of the trees. Most of the lizardfolk within the walls are rigorously trained to be better warriors, hunters, or servants of nature. The River Lord Brestuloper rules the island alone, his mate fell prey to the Black Dragons of the deep swamps.

Notable Locations and ResidentsEdit

Neezhka, renowned dwarven book binder.
Vassril, lizardfolk guard-captain.
The Tipsy Trout: dockside tavern.
Rissa, extremely attractive barmaid.
Qebir, foreign bartender.
The Lilypad, inn near the Tipsy Trout.
Dorummn, Grippli innkeeper with a swarm of children.
Brog, Dorummn's Boggard 'cousin' and general muscle/lackey about the inn.
Loab, Dorummn's rapscallion son.
The Grayscales: lizardfolk clan of poor reputation in the city. Rumored to be involved in criminal activity and to have the blood of the Black Beast, the ancient black dragon that slew Brestuloper's mate and in turn slain by Brestuloper, in their clan. Have a holding outside Hruthrip a couple of days into the swamp.
Sekmun, Grayscale lizardfolk with some influence outside of Hruthrip.

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