"Heirs of Gabbiano,
Some say our shipping rates must prove our involvement in criminal enterprises. The true conspiracy theorists insist our fortunes in these endeavors can only come through deals made with dark powers.
I have but one word to say to this, and to you in your efforts going forward: Hogwash."
--Note accompanying the Gabbiano Wand

House Gabbiano is a Venzan noble merchant house located in Roses D'Avorio. They originally held significant financial and political power, controlling a sizable estate, a variety of properties, and having the honor of guarding one of the powerful transportation gates in Venza.

The primary source of Gabbiano's wealth stemmed from their unbeatable shipping rates. In fact, they were able to undercut competition by such a wide margin that rumors began circulating about criminal enterprises or bargains struck with infernal entities. House Gabbiano has, of course, steadfastly denied such rumors, and efforts to prove them have never succeeded.

In recent years, however, the Gabbiano advantage has slipped. Having come to heavily rely on said advantage, and simultaneously suffering from several fiscal and legal snafus caused by the house's late black sheep, Carnemorto Gabbiano, the house has lost much of its financial and political standing. Umberto Gabbiano, the current head of the house, was forced to cede his claim on a gate, as well as sell multiple holdings, including the house proper. "House" Gabbiano and its remaining members now reside in a set of well-furnished Venzan apartments.

House Gabbiano has had a long-standing rivalry with House Boraga. It is rumored that Grand Dame Ludmilla Boraga is the architect of House Gabbianno's recent reversal of fortunes.

A recent incident involving House Gabbiano's former game warden, Niam Caan, revealed that, prior to his death (and apparently roughly corresponding to the beginning of the house's downfall), Carnemorto stole a powerful wand artifact from his family in a bid to erase another one of his sizable personal debts. Umberto reclaimed the artifact -- an epic-level wand with shrinking magics -- with the aid of a group of adventurers. Whether this artifact was the secret of the former Gabbiano shipping monopoly, how much magic the artifact retains after its abuse by Caan, and whether Umberto will attempt to use the wand to regain his house's former prominence, all remain to be seen.

Known Members of House Gabbiano:

Umberto Gabbiano (current head of the house)
Carnemorto Gabbiano (deceased)
Finia (attendant / personal assistant to Umberto)
Niam Caan (former game warden, released from service)
Katenaya Torengu agent working from within House Boraga
Dellrian Thankirk former stewerd, now working at Lower Guild

First appearance: Frog Hunt; House crest found on ring from Carnemorto Gabbiano's corpse.

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