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House Boraga is one of the ruling families of Venza. House Boraga maintains a fortress-like manse in Roses di Sanguigno. Inside the compound, called Palazzo Boraga, is the Zeire Gate. This gate leads to the Zeire Desert, a vast, empty expanse of sand dunes, rock, and salt flats west of Heth.

House Boraga's two major sources of influence in the city is as patrons of the Miners and Quarriers Guild. In this role, they provide both sand (used both by the Glassworkers Guild for glassmaking and by the Masons Guild for mortar and cement) and salt for food preservation to the general public. Because of the family's expertise in mining the Zeire Desert, they also maintain a number of smaller quarries along the cliffs near Venza. Over the years, the constant need for food preservation and glass has made House Boraga very rich.

Rumors swirl that the Zeire Desert quarries and mines are worked by prisoners from the Tower of Chains, acquired through some under the table agreement and held in the fortress that houses the other end of the Zeire Gate and that the Guild workers out in the desert are less chosen for their skill in mining, and more for their ruthless capability to manage forced labor.

Grand Dame Ludmilla Boraga is the matron and head of House Boraga. She has been married four times, and, by virtue of outliving her husbands, has managed to maintain her grip on the family's fortunes. She has given birth to six healthy children, all at least young adults, who are presently vying to be named the next head of the House.

House Boraga, of Roses di Sanguigno, and House Gabbiano, of Roses D'Avorio, are rivals and it is rumored that the Grand Dame herself is the architect of House Gabbianno's recent reversal of fortunes.

Known members of House Boraga:

  • Grand Dame Ludmilla Boraga (matron and current head of the house)


  • Alfonse Cato Head of the Western Sea Syndicate and bastard brother to Dame Ludmilla