Historians, religious leaders and bards endlessly debate the events that occurred during the past ages of E’n. Each has a different truth and each declares the truths of the others to be the work of misguided men. The truth, the real truth, is this: the historical record is incomplete, the gods are silent on past matters, and the continuous line of the oral tradition is broken.

The Golden Age – A time of high magic and vast, continent-spanning empires when the gods of civilization held sway.

The Years of Darkness – Begun with the Fall of Night, that time when the gods outside civilization cast down the empires of light, the Years of Darkness were an evil time of chaos when beastmen rose up and monsters rampaged. Humankind and its allies struggled for survival. Events:

  • Halfling homelands is destroyed
  • Elves retreat to the Border Realms
  • Dwarves lose their great halls

These ages are commonly said to have lasted for 1,000 years though no one can know with any certainty.

It is believed that the gods made some sort of pact that ended the Years of Darkness. They stepped back from the world and limited the actions of their avatars. Those humans who hold interest in such matters call this the Year of the Pact and date the current calendar from that time. A little over thirteen hundred years have passed since then. --- Note: This is all very vague for a reason: exact placement (other than in what age an event may have occurred) isn’t really relevant to the common adventurer or the current state of the world. The previous ages set the stage so to speak but it’s the last thirteen hundred and some-odd years of nation building (and rebuilding) that are most relevant to the current day.


  • -2000 to -1000 - The Golden Age
  • -1000 to 0 - Years of Darkness
    • Halfling homelands destroyed
    • Elven retreat to the Border Realms
    • Dwarven great halls lost
    • Starlight Keep plummets to earth
  • Year 0 - Year of the Pact
  • 0001 - Mortal tengu appear on E'n
  • 1210 - Abzienta imprisoned in the Tower of Chains
  • 1260 - Temple of Blood purged (Venza)
  • 1262 - Fall of Sumbru
  • 1310 - Beginning date of play for LPF
  • 1310 - Starlight Keep rediscovered
  • 1315 - Current date

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