Gateway to sea and land (Gull)

Gulls and Waterfront

As named for the perpetual presence of sea birds associated with shipping, the Gull sits on the seaward side of Venza. Waters all around are dotted with colorful vessels at anchor, while the immediate area is thronged with smaller crafts loading and unloading exotic goods from far away lands or river crafts carrying crates, clay jugs and wooden barrels from just up-river. Merchant houses and import-export concerns cluster as close to the action as they can, channeling the wealth through everything from loud dock-side warehouses, enthusiastically open to the public, to exclusive Twin Rose waterside shops. An entire section of docks stretch past Ranocchio and is dedicated to Venza's infinite fleet of tiny fishing vessels and the thriving fish markets that they support year round.

Notable Locations
  • The Capitoli, many-domed headquarters of the Naval Authority and Venza's powerful navy, flies its beak-headed flags center-stage here. The Naval Authority oversees and administers all things pertaining to Venza's navy including its extensive shipyards.
  • The Dunn Wright Inn, gathering place of captains, crew, the newly arrived in Venza, and those seeking exceptional solutions to problems sits on the waterfront.
  • The Gulls Belltower, manned by the portly Rizo, sits only a few short blocks from the Dunn Wright Inn and rings out the hours for the citizens of the city.

Notable Persons

  • Mael Loïc, aged human minor merchant prince and one of the few remaining adherents to the dwindling cult of St. Ulthar, has offices within a well-built, three-story structure of rock, mortar, and wood. The shingle hanging above the stout front door depicts a simple fishing boat with a lantern attached to its prow.

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