Green Circle

The Green Circle believes that true knowledge of Sapo can only be achieved through knowledge of the self and the self’s place within the natural world. They frequently refer to the seeking of this knowledge as ‘listening to the secret voices of the trees’. However, it isn’t enough to only know the self, one must also expand the self by increasing its knowledge. Some members of the Green Circle have chosen to master exotic weaponry, others delve into the esoteric knowledge of the natural world’s place within existence; Sapo lets each individual find their own path to greater knowledge.

Tenets of Faith Edit

The Green Circle worships Sapo through self knowledge and improvement and studying the power of nature and everything's place within nature. To these ends the Green Circle seeks out sites of power, unique creatures, and natural beauty, all to learn their secrets. Leaders of the Green Circle encourage its members to push the limits of their inner power by mastering one or more fields of study.

Headquarters Edit

The Green Circle is a druidic college located in a grove within the thickly forested hills some 50 miles or so away from Venza. Its official name is Elluemara which translates directly from Elven into "The Riddle of Green", but it is generally referred to as Nature's Labyrinth due to the confusing set of twisting buildings and trees that make up the compound.

Members Edit

The Green Circle is about 300 members strong although due to the exploratory nature of the College generally less than 100 members visit the physical college during any given month. Most members tend to be humans, halflings or elves but other humanoids are not particularly uncommon. Lay members tend towards the adept and expert classes while the clergy and other persons of note are most commonly druids, monks and rangers.

Notable Members Edit

High Learner - Gwiston Tealeaf - Female Halfling:
Gwiston Tealeaf is tall for a halfling. Her family has been blessed with long life, most members surviving until almost 200. Gwiston is already growing old and is currently about 150 but her bright blue eyes remain sharp and while she has lost the grace of youth her muscular sun dried skin still holds a glimmer of perfection.

Master of Arms - Fëanor Telrúnya - Female Elf:
Fëanor Telrúnya is tall, lithe, and covered with scars from many battles. She is a master of the curved-blade and has a cold penetrating stare. She appears timeless as many elves do.

Master of Spells - Grott Teef - Male Half-Orc:
Grott Teef is the youngest of The Green Circle's leaders. He keeps in excellent physical shape and is immaculately groomed at all times. His temperament is mirrored in his spell choices, primarily fire.