Gratis Dimplecotton
Gratis DimplecottonFlats
Race/Species Halfling
Gender Male
Homeland Martna
Organization The Autumn's Crescent Bakery

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Goodness, I haven't had this much fun since my sister's boy treated us all to that Maschera performance!

Gratis Dimplecotton is the portly halfling proprietor of the Autumn’s Crescent bakery in the Ouhm River city of Martna. His is the most financially succesful bakery in the city, and the Dimplecotton family has been generally comfortable and well-loved in town.

Under the recent thumb of the Cult of Owbej, Gratis fared less well. Losing sizable portions of his profits to “protection fees,” eventually the halfling feigned poverty in a passive attempt at rebellion. He only avoided a beating and the major destruction of his shop by a clever ruse enacted by a group of adventurers who were at the time under-cover at the temple.

Gratis expressed an odd excitement at the chance to play-act for the ruse. Perhaps this is a family trait; he is, after all, uncle to Tilsit Dimplecotton of the Venzan opera house, and still cherishes the memory of seeing Maschera’s performances (before her exposure as the evil Abzienta) with the aid of his nephew.

Emboldened by the success of one ruse, Gratis agreed to aid Inar Parsons in his attempt to delay cultists at The River’s Tears tavern. Gratis dosed some of his baked goods with potions of Neutralize Poison, and presented them to the tavern as an “apology gift” for having been late with his protection payment. These baked goods, in turn, negated the effects of the sleeping poison the cult used on new recruits, leading to confusion and distraction to cover the activities of the adventurers within the temple.

First Appearance: Distant Relations, threatened with violence by the Cult of Owbej for failing to pay his protection fees.

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