On the eastern edge of Venza, hidden by a fifteen foot burm of dirt, topped with a tight row of brush trees, lies the Grand Stable of Venza. The western gate of this stable is at a twenty foot wide split in the mounds. No matter day or night, or other weather condiitions, a continuous breeze blows in through this gate as well as rustling the trees atop the burm.

Inside, many buildings and stables support all the different pack animals, mounts and livestock that support the city's inhabitants. On the western edge, dogs, horses, ponies, cattle, goats and standard farm animals can be found. As one moves towards the center, specialty pens containing camels and elephants can be seen. In the center of the complex, stands a giant domed cage that reaches some sixty to eighty feet in the air and two hundred fifty feet in diameter. Inside the cage are several rock formations that allow some privacy for the residents. But on rare occasions, three griffins will play peek-a-boo with passers by. To the eastern edge, otyughs and shambling mounds are cared for by troglodyte farm hands that do not mind the stench that the artificial wind brings their way.

The eastern gate is forty feet wide. It dumps out over an overly fertile farm valley while the road turns sharply north to meet with the main road leaving Venza. At this end, the stench is so bad that humanoids are sickened unless they have a very strong fortitude. (DC 14 fort save)

Jacus, (pronounced Jay Cus unless you are looking for a fight) is one of the senior farm hands working the western gate. He manages day to day operations and is the person to see in order to rent a horse or other animal. He warns new customers that each of the animals has been duly magically marked. So, the animals will always be found. He offers no such assurances for their riders.

As a joke played on green horns, when Jacus rents out horses, he will point to the east and tell the party that the eastern gate comes out just south of the main road leading out of Venza. This is quite true. But, the menagerie of strange animals and the stench that progressively gets worse the further east one rides provides a formidable gauntlet. At the end of the journey, a large trog stands in front of the gateway and points and yells at the party. "Sssstupid huuumansss, goooo baak. Yooor exit issss thhaaaat waaaay." Since the gate is forty feet wide, exiting is not really impeded. The trog will simply laugh as a party rides by.

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