Giocco Lanterna
Titles Keeper of Roccino Lighthouse
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Deity Dessano
Born 1296

NPC usage: Open to GMs

It's the ships, you know. They can't wait for the light.

Giocco Lanterna is a young man, thin and still somewhat gangly but very serious since the tragic death of his father. Since there was no one else to take up the duties of Keeper of the light at Roccino Isle Giocco took on the job. His true dream was to become a wizard and he has some small amount of skill but the arcane accident that brought about his father's death has prompted Giocco to swear off studying magic.

First appearance:
Little Rock of Horrors: Arriving at the seaward landing at the Dunn Wright Inn looking for adventurers to clear the aberrations from the Roccino Isle lighthouse so he could relight the light. [1]

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