1 Venza
2 Tritower
3 K'issp
4 Hruthrip
5 Gist
6 Sumbru
7 Martna
8 Tal Hallow
9 Omen (uncertain location)
10 Sangre del Sol (uncertain location)
11 Kostry Kopec
12 Hammerhall
13 Silverton

a Roccino Isle
b Three Rivers
c Allebasi Gate
d Haatse
e Orino river
f Starwater river
g Tang river
h Port Duvende
i Telen pass
j Thornspire mountains
k Sul Gulden mountains
l Evinel Sea
m Poisson


See also: Venzan Environs

wall-less [1]; close marsh SE of the city [2]; foreign quarter [3]

farmstead of Jezz one day horse ride [4]. Note: low hills, road/trail, pony = (32 x .75) 24 miles. North-ish with woods to the north, east, and west [5]. Buried Starlight KeepBaron's Note one hour tracking through trackless forest (1.5 miles) past Jezz farmstead.

Capoe - small village within the Tenebrous Wood. It is reached by traveling three miles east of Baron's Cross on the Eastern Trade Road then taking an overgrown and not often used road south for eighteen miles.

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