Region Western Sea
Size Small City (base GP 4000)
Demographics Mixed
Government Kleptocracy
Alignment Lawful Evil

Until a few years ago, Gandling was a simple fishing village a few days' sail from Venza. However, Venzan merchant ships found it a convenient stopping point on their trade routes with the western continent, in part because it's just the right distance from Venza, but also because the harbor is broad and approachable. Business has boomed, and like many boomtowns, Gandling is filled with hastily-erected, ramshackle buildings offering services of dubious quality and even more dubious legality.

Gandling serves as the headquarters for both the Western Sea Syndicate and King's Crew. The two quasi-criminal organizations currently exist in a state of cold war, which threatens to turn hot and bloody at any time. The original inhabitants of Gandling still live and fish there, but tend to keep to themselves. The fishermen's quarter is called Old Town by the inhabitants.

Interestingly, both the Crew and the Syndicate take pains to ensure that both ships and their crews are completely safe while in Gandling: neither side wishes to invite official Venzan scrutiny, or otherwise discourage the lucrative business that comes from ships from making port. To this end, third-party crime is ruthlessly put down.

At least, neither side wanted Venzan scrutiny until quite recently. Under the guiding hand of Alfonse Cato, Gandling applied to become a protectorate of Venza, and it seems all but certain that this will come to pass.

Notable Citizens:

Sugar Sweet: Halfling rogue. Troubleshooter for the Western Sea Syndicate.

Rahor of Clan Gregga: Jiragan javelineer. Enforcer for King's Crew.

Alfonse Cato: Chief executive officer of the Western Sea Syndicate.

Reginald King: Chief thug of King's Crew.

Blind Harry: Tout extraordinaire. If you need it, he knows where to find it.

Gemma Morressi: Unofficial leader of the Gandling's fishermen population.

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