Fulmen is a shocker lizard that some adventurers rescued from the clutches of a vampire goblin chief that had been capturing the local farmers near the town of Wildgate. As the lizard was a key part of their final victory against the chief and freeing the farmers, the adventurers wanted to do what they could to help Fulman out, but everyone already had an animal to take care of or was not the right temperment to be comfortable with a pet. To that end, they decided to bring Fulmen back to where the adventure began and see if the staff of the Dunn Wright Inn would like a mascot.

Although Grog was initially reluctant, Fulmen settled in almost immediately, and even Grog can be caught sneaking the shocker lizard a treat when he thinks no one is looking. Fulmen spends most of the day in the common room either watching from a small rock near the bar brought in for him or wandering around "patrolling" for trouble and any food that might have "accidentally" been dropped on the floor that needed to be cleaned up, often loitering around tables where particularly friendly or troublesome guests of the Inn are sitting. At night, he usually retires one of the backrooms just off the kitchen.

While often friendly and polite, even willing to allow other animals to occasionally use his rock while he is wandering around the room, the scars from his time as a captive to the goblins remains, and he has little patience for those that challenge his adopted family, the staff of the Inn, and he expects any animals that wish to use his rock while it is unattended to immediately recognize his superior claim to the perch when he is ready to recline and watch from a distance. Just as he protects the staff of the Inn, they protect him from any trouble that troublesome patrons may wish to bring upon the living mascot of the busy Inn.

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